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A Week in the Life of a Distance Learner

A Week

By Faris AliPublished about a year ago 5 min read
A Week in the Life of a Distance Learner
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Have you ever imagined what it might be like to take college classes entirely online? This post will provide you an idea of how online classes are run and what you, as a student, must do in order to succeed. For my Master's in Computer Education, I'm taking a human-computer interaction course.


To get my weekly email from the course's instructor, I go into WebCT, my school's online course software. She outlines the activities we must accomplish this week, as well as the comments we must post and a study for an upcoming test. While the list of assignments due this week may be found in the syllabus on WebCT, I love having this weekly reminder of what I need to get done.

I've noticed that several of the previous tasks I've previously handed in have received new grades. I'm satisfied with the outcome, and I've taken note of her comments for future reference.


I opened the book today and read the allocated chapter. I marked significant areas that I might require for an exam later using sticky notes. Some people prefer to use highlighters to make notes right in the book, but I prefer sticky notes. There's also a 30-slide Powerpoint presentation.


I have a video that I need to see. It's available online, or I can get it from the disc that the lecturer gave us at the start of the semester. I download and stream it directly from WebCT because I have a high-bandwidth connection.

From Thursday through Saturday

I'm either working on my other course or not working at all these days. As a chronic procrastinator, I usually postpone writing tasks until Sunday, or Saturday if they are very lengthy. I read the assignments on Monday so that I may think about them while driving to and from work or while doing other things.


I am working on my written homework (s). Then I proceed to WebCT and choose the proper assignment, where I submit the Word document that follows the professor's naming pattern. The assignment is indicated as submitted after the upload, and I receive an email confirming that I was successful.

My last task for this course is to compose a response to a "discussion topic of the week" on the WebCT bulletin board. I look through the previous posts and respond to one that interests me. Finally, I upload and submit my response to the inquiry. I go through the schedule for the coming week to be ready for the coming week. Another week has come to an end.

I've taken a number of courses at UNT, some through WebCT and others through the university's various platforms. Because the University is just 30 miles away, I also take face-to-face classes because I enjoy the interaction in a classroom. Both techniques appeal to me. You won't know which you prefer until you try them both.


Why Is An Accredited Online MBA Program So Much More Valuable?

An MBA degree is your ticket to a better life, greater employment possibilities, and a higher level of personal fulfilment. Your MBA degree will equip you for the difficulties of the workplace. It also demonstrates to potential employers that you have the necessary educational credentials and talents to handle top management positions.

Furthermore, having a credential from a respected online MBA programme makes you a valued employee.

That's why it's in your best interests to understand what accreditation of online MBA programmes entails and why it's so important to your job chances.

Where can you receive this important piece of data? To begin, go to the official website of the United States Department of Education. Although the Department does not perform these assessments, it collaborates closely with regional and national accrediting authorities. These accrediting agencies, in turn, are the recognised authority in charge of assessing the educational quality of educational institutions.

Are there any accrediting agencies that operate online? Yes, these accrediting bodies use the same stringent criteria to determine if an online institution or college employs appropriate teaching techniques and resources. These requirements, however, have been tweaked to account for the unique characteristics of online educational programmes.

Here's a five-step process for determining whether the online MBA school you're considering is truly authorised.

Check to determine if this educational school has promoted their professional membership in an accrediting organisation on their webpage.

Then, double-check by visiting the website of the accrediting organisation. Then check to verify if this educational institution is on their list of accredited institutions.

Third, determine if the recognised agency is included in the US Department of Education's directory of Postsecondary Educational Institutions and Programs.

The website of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) is a fourth source of information. This is a non-profit higher education body that investigates all accrediting organisations.

Fifth, do some research about their professors. You may see a list of the faculty members on the school's website. Take the time to go through their professional backgrounds and qualifications. Are their educational and professional backgrounds compatible with the courses they're teaching?

Make no mistake about it: you must take responsibility for completing an authorised online MBA programme. Alternatively, you will face terrible penalties in the future.

When you move schools and transfer your credits, the first less significant consequence of enrolling in an unaccredited online MBA programme is that you'll lose your credits. You won't be able to transfer the credits you've earned. This signifies you've squandered a significant quantity of money, time, and resources.

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All because you didn't take the time to learn about how to choose an authorised online MBA school.

There is significant benefit in graduating from an approved online MBA school, but there are significant losses if the online MBA programme is not accredited.


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