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.....Brushing your teeth is important.....

By Mehak Abdul RehmanPublished 6 months ago 5 min read

"Sammy doesn't even have a television, he reads books!" said one of my friends of mine, who thought I was rather, dare I say, boring. also, for somebody who shuns celebrations and gratification as a rule, I shock even myself with what I'm going to uncover. How a grave lone wolf type, working in an as a matter of fact everyday figuring job, came to routinely enjoy an action with a hearty youthful Thai, or at least, all things considered, what some could call tremendously unusual. I digress, though.

Exactly six weeks ago, I was strolling along during my lunch break when I came upon a Boots the Chemist location. I remembered that I needed new razor blades, the traditional kind I like, a genuine badger-hair brush, shaving soap, and rubbed a sore spot on my chin. After being befuddled by the plethora of cutting-edge shaving implements, I made the decision to hurry up and asked the server at the counter for directions to the standard blades I needed.

The business young lady was busy with a lady who helped me to remember a bazaar jokester, purchasing a heap of make-up. I used the electric razors, something I had never seen before, as a time marker. However, formidable black boxes containing electric toothbrushes caught my eye. I assumed that the years of smoking Woodbines in my youth, a habit inherited from my dear old dad, were to blame for the yellowing of my teeth that I had noticed that very morning. As Dad was known to say, "daylight robbery," the items' prices, which ranged anywhere from forty to one hundred guineas, left me reeling. Yes, I have a unique mental agility that allows me to price things in guineas. I know it's odd.

Anyway, the Titanium Shine with its six settings was at the top of the daylight robbery tree: Perfect, delicate, gum spotless, white, profound clean,' and the enticingly-named 'exceptional clean.' I took it to the desk without thinking twice, just as clown-lady left with enough bottles to feed the entire circus.

The young lady found me and down, then grinned with amazing white teeth. " Sir, I use one of these, and it's fantastic. Your teeth will sincerely appreciate it! “Sorry, sir, I didn't mean to embarrass you,” he said as he saw me blush.

"No, that's fine, er, that's fine," I replied. Before the others returned from lunch, I hurried back to work and paid for my package so I could hide it there. I didn't realize I had forgotten about the razor blades until that point.

– Well, I started a love affair that night. Only me and Titanium Shine, my beloved. at least initially. It took me three days to master the technique of brushing without moving my arm up and down. Also, to get used to the intense vibrations that penetrated my jaw and teeth while it was bleaching them. I began to read the manual more in-depth after a few days. It appears that there was a Bluetooth connection for my smartphone. Then, I could see how often I had cleaned my teeth, which setting I had used, how long I had brushed, and how much plaque I had probably removed from my teeth per brushing. Additionally, that data was sent to a "dashboard" on my computer, which allowed me to view my "brushing history," "cleaning profiles," and other information. Amazing! What are their next thoughts? The only problem was that the toothpaste sprayed everywhere from the toothbrush, so I decided to clean my teeth naked, naturally with the curtains drawn.


Things created. I received all of that from Titanium Shine, and there was also a forum where "Titanium Shiners" could post comments and seek assistance with a variety of issues related to tooth brushing. Also, you could 'like' and 'companion' other tooth-brushing gathering amigos, even 'unfriend' them assuming they got irritating. Well, I posted one day about a small issue I was having. After a few minutes of the "special," my gums would start to bleed, and I received a helpful response from a Thai woman named Suchada. After a few days of talking about brushing her teeth, she started sending me private messages, first about the kind of toothpaste she liked and then about her husband's infidelity.

That wasn't at all what I had expected, but when she started sending me pictures of herself, I had to admit that she was a "looker," even when she was brushing her hair, and I always liked oriental women. Before long she was recommending a 'get together' to examine our encounters of the various settings. She claimed that the "special" "did something to her," but she would need to speak with me.

For a penny, in, and Suchada called back a week later. Fortunately, it turned out that she lived in the same town. I have to admit that she was a very attractive forty-something woman who was also pretty damn sexy. Indeed, after a few tea and rolls and babble, situated at my little 'Fortnum and Bricklayer's table,' she said "Sammy, my teeth feel, how you say, a leetle glossed over. Please, where is the restroom?” Then, blow me, she took out her Titanium Sparkle, winked, and took off, alluring to me as she arrived at the entryway.

Thus, we now have a small ritual. The music starts as we stand side by side in our Titanium Shines. She likes Chic, and I like "Saturday Night Fever." As we "do the bump" with the same settings, there is a lot of humor and a great "vibe" between us. I'm working up the determination to inquire as to whether we could clean each other's teeth, however maybe that is going excessively far, wouldn't you say? In any case, Suchada just sent me a message to let me know that she likes my idea of cleaning teeth naked. She says that the Titanium Shine is a little messy, especially on the "special," so if we tried it together, would you mind? I suppose it wouldn't harm anything. Could it?

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