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A Brief Guide to Windscreen Repair

In sum, don’t delay on the job of glass repair. It is critical to rush to the professional auto-glass centre to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. Mostly, a small crack or chip can be fixed easily without handling a hefty bill.

By Kevin LashleyPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

The windscreen of a car is not merely an aesthetic feature but a vital ingredient for its structural integrity. However, it is prone to much damage from flying rocks & debris, collisions with other objects, and extreme temperature changes.

A chipped windscreen is an issue that is highly common but simple to fix. Windscreen repair is recommended for minor chips and cracks. It is recommended that chips must be fixed before they worsen into cracks that might need total replacement of the windscreen, and this may cost a waste of time and money.

Repair of chip

If it is possible to repair the chip, the following steps can be undertaken:

  • Removal of dirt from the place of impact to ensure the cleanliness of the chip.
  • Injection of resin into the area of damage.
  • Curing of resin with UV lamp.

Points to note

Repair of the chip is typically carried out when there is dry weather and may take only half an hour in total. But on rainy days, the repair professionals handling the car glass repair will use their canopy to ensure that the vehicle remains totally dry while the repair is being carried out, and this may take 40 minutes. The car can be driven away as soon as the repair is completed, though it is ideally recommended to wait a few hours for the resin to cure.

Windscreen cracks

In case the windscreen is cracked, whether due to a strong impact or a neglected chip, it must be replaced totally instead of just a repair. Never neglect a cracked windscreen as it can cause grave danger to the driver as well as the rest of the passengers of the car.

How to replace it?

Never attempt to replace a cracked windscreen on your own. Instead, consult professional experts in auto-glass for advice. There might be a possibility that the windscreen may be repaired without requiring replacement. So, always check with professionals.

The latter will take the following steps while replacing the windscreen:

  • Protection of bodywork of the vehicle and inspection before removal of glass
  • Application of a bonding agent to keep secure the new windscreen
  • Fitting of new replacement glass
  • Cleaning away any remaining dirt or debris


In case there is a comprehensive insurance policy for the car, this will typically cover all costs of repair or replacement of windscreen glass. So, there is no need to worry about this pinching the pocket. In certain cases, making a claim for the glass repair or replacement may not even impact your no-claims bonus.

Top tips for maintaining windscreen

The windscreen of the car is an important feature, and so it is ideal task to keep it in good condition. Following are some valuable tips for the same:

  • In case a small chip in the windscreen is detected, always contact a professional auto glass repair company. Most of the time, the service of repairing chips is included in the insurance of the car. The good repair will prevent the worsening of the chip into cracks and not warrant a complete replacement. 
  • While driving on a freshly surfaced road, attempt to drive a bit slower than even the speed limit. This can prevent small chips and stones from hitting the windscreen and resulting in damage.
  • Avoid using boiling water to melt the ice on the windscreen. Because of the stark difference in temperature, the windscreen may crack.
  • Always slow down while driving past or behind a lorry to prevent chips in the windscreen caused by flying debris.
  • Conduct regular checks on the windscreen to ensure spotting of any damage that could worsen in the future.
  • Always park the car under shade to protect from extreme variations in temperature, which might cause chips to become cracks.
  • Exposure to extreme cold is equally harmful.

In sum, don’t delay on the job of glass repair. It is critical to rush to the professional auto-glass centre to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. Mostly, a small crack or chip can be fixed easily without handling a hefty bill.

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