7 Things You Need to Send Your College Student Off With

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Here are a few things every college kid should be ready and equipped with!

7 Things You Need to Send Your College Student Off With

Setting off to college is one of the most exciting experiences of your child’s life. For you, this may be a time wrought with emotion, as your baby is stepping out of the nest out into the world. Regardless of what you are feeling, you will want to ensure that they are sufficiently prepared for their next chapter. Consider these seven items that you may never have previously thought of that can equip them for just about anything.

1. Laptop skins

As they venture off to college, make sure that your child sets off in style and get them laptop skins to decorate their laptop. This added layer of protection will certainly come in handy as they cart around their laptop to classes, the library and study groups to avoid scratching and surface damage that can be easily avoided.

2. Portable Desk Lamp

If your child is sharing a room, having a small but focused light source will be important. Keeping the study area illuminated, especially if their roommate is trying to sleep, will be impossible without a dedicated light. With a portable lamp for their desk, they can avoid agitating their roommate without having to leave their room to get in some late-night studying.

3. Fleece Blanket

While there will be some temperature controls in the college residence halls, a fleece blanket will come in incredibly handy. In the case that there are different temperature preferences with roommates, if there is a particularly drafty day or if your child wants something cozy, they will be grateful that you packed the fleece blanket.

4. Compact Fan

In the same realm of temperature control, having a small fan will be useful. If your child feels overheated or wants to cool off, this will be a must-have item. Make sure that you keep in mind the size of a typical dorm room, as a large box fan will absolutely be too big. Instead, consider a compact portable fan.

5. Shower Caddy and Flip-flops

If you have ever been to a public shower or pool, you know the importance of having the proper footwear. Equipping your child with a sturdy pair of flip-flops and a shower to caddy to store their essentials will be a critical item as they navigate communal showers. These necessities will make dorm living so much easier and less cringe-worthy. Try out a pair of quick-dry sandals for an even better experience.

6. Command Strips

Residence halls are built to create a communal living experience that is enjoyable for all. This often means that personal and decorative features may be limited so that each new resident has a blank slate. Make sure that you equip your kiddo with some command strips so that they can adorn their room as they please without causing permanent damage that will be costly.

7. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are a must-have for any student heading off to college. Universities are bustling and busy places filled with students and the clamor of college life. Being able to disconnect from that busyness to decompress or stave away distractions with music while studying will be essential. While college is an amazing experience for many, the technology of noise-canceling headphones has presented college students with brand new opportunities and abilities to disengage and focus on sounds instead of distractions.

8. Charging Backpack

Nowadays, students spend so much time on their electronic devices for class and laptops, phones and other electronics are often necessary to engage in classes or to participate in college life. While there may be charging stations popping up all over college campuses, make sure that your student is never left without a full battery with a charging backpack. This incredible device lets your student truly be on the go and they will never have to worry about wandering around without a charge ever again.

Heading off to college is a whole different experience than it was even ten years ago. There are so many factors to assess when looking at what you need to send your student off with. Reduce some of your anxiety by making sure that they are equipped with these must-have college items so that they are ready for anything.

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