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7 Social Skills That Each Child Must Have

Here, we came up with a list of social skills that, in our opinion ('our opinion' being the operative word here), the so-called Gen 2.0 should develop in order to live a more cohesive and collaborative life.

By Amit KumarPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

When asked to write about social skills and considering how the virtual world has captured not only our imagination but our entire being, we wondered if these skills were still relevant.

But then it occurred to us that these social skills are more important and relevant than any other skill set for a generation that will most likely be governed by Artificial Intelligence and will be confronted with a reality on the other side of a screen.

Here, we came up with a list of social skills that, in our opinion ('our opinion' being the operative word here), the so-called Gen 2.0 should develop in order to live a more cohesive and collaborative life.

1. Listening:

Listening to understand someone else's point of view, argument, or discussion rather than listening to respond. Understanding does not imply being persuaded or influenced in any way. With the help of best preschool learning videos preschoolers should learn to listen.

2. Sharing:

Group chat messages are not shared. Sharing isn't about passing on information or doing good. Sharing is that fraternal feeling for another human being that drives us to help others in need without expecting anything in return.

3. Cooperating:

So, aren't sharing and cooperating the same thing? Not at all. Cooperation entails being a facilitator. Your support for anything that is not primarily beneficial to you but benefits the welfare of others would be a cooperative and

4. Respecting:

We appear to have lost the "Art" of respecting in the process of being friendly. Respect is an attitude, not a persona. An agreement or a disagreement should not allow you to cross the line when it comes to respecting an idea, ideology, or behavior. Respecting does not imply that you agree with what is said; it simply means that you have heard someone without reacting to it.

5. Sieving:

The current world situation cannot adequately emphasise the importance of this skill. Telecommunications advancements allow you to have information literally and theoretically at your fingertips! However, authentication is an urgent requirement. It prevents panic from spreading and keeps us calm during turbulent times.

6. Being Responsible:

We must accept responsibility for our 'yeses,' but we must also accept responsibility for failing to express a firm 'nay' in a timely manner. It establishes your confidence in not only your beliefs, but also the boundaries that you will not cross or allow others to cross.

7. Being Kind:

EQ (emotional quotient) is the new IQ (intelligent quotient)! In a diverse world where obtaining information is simple, processing it is dependent on the individual and the environment to which they are exposed. It would be necessary to "put oneself in their shoes" in order to make informed decisions. Kindness does not imply pampering or mollycoddling. It refers to a timely intervention that saves someone from unnecessary heartache or difficulty, even if it does not provide you with any benefits. So, your preschoolers must adapt to be kind to people with the help of best preschool learning videos.

This almost confirms my long-held suspicion: why has Shakespearean literature remained relevant for four centuries, and the answer is simple: it deals with human emotions! We see frown lines on your brow, questioning the link between the two. Clearly, our emotions influence the skills we learn to exhibit the trait we desire. In any social structure or culture, these characteristics are universally accepted or rejected. This defines our self-esteem and confidence, as well as how we perceive ourselves.

Therefore, whether at home or at work, addressing your loved ones or inspiring the young with these skills may just save "the human" in all of us!

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