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7 Effective Tips for Your Morning Routine Before School

How to Prepare for the School Day

By Ashlyn HarperPublished 5 years ago 8 min read
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It is that time of year again that some of us are excited, while others are filled with complete dread. School zones are now in effect and stores are flooded with shoppers preparing for the upcoming school year. Whether you are a college student or a parent getting ready for your kid's school, a morning routine can be remarkably beneficial in setting the mood.

Just like a job, a school has guidelines to follow and assignments that need to be completed. With so much to do and multiple subjects to study for, a great morning can lead to a productive day. I am a firm believer in starting your day with an upbeat and positive attitude. This will help set the mood for the entire day (and week) coming. Before you head for the door, on your way to classes, try out these 7 effective tips for a motivating morning routine before school.

Prepare the Night Before

To have an effective morning, we have to do some sort of planning the night before. This doesn't need to take hours but a little extra preparation could make the next day run smoothly. A huge task that should be done the night before is organizing any assignments and tools needed for the next day. Make sure all homework and folders required for the school day are ready in your backpack to easily run out the door. Don't forget your pens and pencils either!

I also am a huge advocate for planning outfits beforehand. While I do this for work, I used to do this back in my high school years as well. You could possibly prepare for the entire week by putting your favorite outfits in the front or just take a few minutes each night to pick out a few pieces. This will also save you time in the morning so you are not stressing on what to wear. Having the common daily chores out of the way can keep your hours in the morning filled with relaxation before the long day ahead.

Wake Up a Little Early

Do you hit the snooze button several times before staggering out of bed? Trust me, I was the exact same way. One big thing to help with waking up early is going to bed on time. Obviously, the more rest we get the easier it will be to peel off those covers. A week or so before school starts, let your body naturally sleep for however long it wants. This will give you a good indicator of how much rest your body needs. Then you can use this information to figure out when you should try to get to bed.

I like to wake up at least one to two hours before I need to leave so that I am not rushing. When we wake up late and have to hurry to get ready, it puts us in a frantic state of mind. By the time we get to school, we feel a bit frazzled and might not do our best in those first few hours of classes. It is essential to give yourself enough time to move around the house and wake up. This will help boost your energy and focus for the rest of the day.

Take this time to eat a decent breakfast, go over any assignments, or relax. Rising early shouldn't be looked at as dreadful but more of a self-care ritual. This time is to help put you in a healthy state of mind so that the rest of your day goes by smoothly and efficiently.

Eat a Balanced Breakfast at the Table

Whether you are a college kid or parent, this is an important step that should never be skipped. When we leave before eating, our mind usually is stuck on the hunger we feel before lunch. If you are a parent, this is also a great time to talk with kids and make sure they are equipped for the day, or just use that time for meaningful conversations. Have you ever heard the saying, "The family who eats together, stays together?"

This saying rings some truth to it. Taking the time to enjoy a meal together can boost your spirits and give you an opportunity to see what is going on in your kid's lives. It is also an excellent way to see if they are stressed over anything coming up— you can aide in easing their tensions. I used to love eating with my mom in the morning because that was typically the only time I would see her before the evening.

Not only is this a fantastic conversational time but an enormous breakfast is important for our health. I like my meals to have a source of protein, fruit, and some form of healthy fat. This usually looks like eggs, a few different fruits, and some avocado toast. It is rich in nutritional value while the healthy fats and proteins help fuel up for the day. On days I eat breakfast I find myself a lot more energized and my productivity levels soar.

Make the Morning an Enjoyable Time

Usually, school is not always fun for students and can feel like it lasts for an eternity. Setting a positive mood can trick the mind to think the rest of the day will be entertaining (because it will be!). You could play some music and dance with your kids, make silly faces, or get into a tickle session. If you are a college student, you could dance around the house or go for a coffee with some friends.

Even if you wake up with a grumpy attitude, you can always turn it around with some goofy activities. It could even help get all the silliness out of your child's system so they go to school with the determination to properly pay attention. When it is school talk all morning it can sometimes put us in a grave mood and lead to slacking off or playing around with friends instead of listening and remaining focused.

Make the Morning an Enjoyable Time
Make the Morning an Enjoyable Time

This is something that can also be done the night beforehand. A clean home usually helps keep a clear mind. Having all of the things needed for the school day like bags, shoes, or outerwear near the front entrance can make time move by a lot quicker when getting kids out the door. We all know the struggle of searching for that jacket on a rainy day or the backpack that somehow disappeared under a pile of clothes.

The same goes for a tidy home. When we wake up, the last thing we want to see is a mess. For students living on their own, this can start the day in a stressed state of mind or can create chaos for a parent. Having the house clean will make it easier to get your tasks accomplished and aide in preparing for the day ahead.

I am a huge coffee drinker, so I usually put grounds in the pot and my mug next to it for the morning.

I'll also meal prep either the night before or the week before (depending on my energy) to make the morning fly by more efficiently. A packed lunch to run out the door saves time to make a decent breakfast and ensure everyone is ready for the school day.

Create Charts and Weekly Calendars

A crucial tip for parents and students is to have a calendar for the week ahead. You can get a large one to hang on your wall or a small book that you open up every day. This will help you remember what events might be happening on that day or any appointments that are scheduled. With all the school events and assignments it can be difficult to keep it all organized.

For children, a chart can be hugely beneficial to help get things accomplished. You can create a morning checklist for them to mark off as they go through their routines. If you have a difficult time getting them to accomplish certain tasks make a reward system for all goals being fulfilled. This could look like a special dessert for lunch or even an extra half hour of TV time after school. Charts are a great way to keep kids focused and helps you keep track of the little things like brushing teeth, combing hair, or any other small chore.

Try to Remain Calm and Patient

Mornings can be challenging for parents with young kids. Sometimes you get a great morning, while others are filled with pure chaos. One thing to try and remember is to stay calm during those bad days. Occasionally, it isn't even our kids but our own lives that are causing turmoil. How we act could potentially have a reaction from kids watching. When we stay calm and composed, they are more likely to follow suit.

Have you ever attempted to rush out the door and your kids are stubbornly taking their time? I've seen this with a lot of parents and is extremely common. If this happens, try slowing down and showing some attention to them (like a hand on a shoulder). Connecting with a child and staying composed could help move the process along. Plus it keeps our mood in much better spirits!

No matter if you are a student or a parent reading this, you should always remember that a good attitude can go a long way. When we start off on the right path and try to not stress about small things, it will make the morning and the rest of the day go by without a hitch. Life can get complicated but, with a little preparation and a decent routine, we can overcome most obstacles for an amazing school year.

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