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7 Additional YouTube Channels To Watch To Self-educate Yourself At Home

by Em Em 2 years ago in list
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Part Two

Here is a list of YouTube channels that cover interesting topics. Discover the life of a amputee survivor, learn from a OB-GYN, come by advice from a vocal coach, find out how to think like a lawyer, fly with a pilot, gain tips from an author, and get guidance from a gamer.

Amputee Survivor

Footless Jo is an amputee. She fell off a horse and shattered her foot when she was 13 years old. Years later, due to excruciating pain, she decided to get it amputated. Before her surgery she wrote a “break-up” note to her limb. She films her journey about her life as an amputee. Her positive energy is highly inspiring and contagious.


Mama doctor Jones is a American obstetrician-gynecologist. She makes videos on everything about pregnancy and birth. She makes reaction videos on YouTuber’s birth vlogs, tv shows, movies and old educational clips. She is clearly thoroughly well educated and confident in this topic. Ever since I found out that I am expecting, she has been the number one YouTuber that I go to.

Vocal Coach

The Honest Vocal is a vocal coach who has been teaching singing for 16 years. She teaches singing techniques, makes reaction videos to popular singers such as Britney Spears, Shakira and Madonna. I am not a big fan of singing but her reaction videos sure are entertaining!

Learn From A Lawyer

LegalEagle has helped me to think like a lawyer through his entertaining videos. He has made reaction videos on the American TV series Suits and much more. I like to watch the videos when he explains broken laws in movies. Some of the movies he made these kinds of videos on are Jurassic Park and Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. For any law students out there, he also has a channel specifically for law students called LegalEagle law school.


Captain Joe is a pilot. He makes videos and answers questions that I didn’t even think of. It really is fascinating. Here are just some of the recent videos that he made; How do planes brake? Why do you board from the left of the plane? How to decode metar remarks? How many landings can plane tires endure? I look forward to seeing what other videos he creates!

Advice From An Author

Alexa Donne is a big sister when it comes to writing. I am an aspiring writer and she really does provide great and real insight into writing. Just some of the video topics that she creates are interviews with authors, book reviews editing vlogs and much more. My top favorite video so far from her is “Harsh Writing Advice.” There is so much to learn from her!

Guidance From A Gamer

Alpha Gaming is an eager YouTuber to turn to for anyone who is considering or is into YouTube gaming and streaming. He focuses on how to set up streams, tips and tricks and how to grow. Honestly, before my partner showed me this YouTube channel, I wasn’t into gaming and streaming at all. He makes his videos engaging and exciting. Go to this streaming doctor for all your gaming and streaming needs!

Enjoy what you read? Check out part one of YouTube channels to watch to self-educate yourself at home. Please leave a like, tip and share with your family and friends! A little bit goes a long way and is highly appreciated. Especially during this hard time.


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She is Canadian, young and dramatic.

Em’s work is inspired by her life.

She writes whatever comes to mind.

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