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5 tips to speak French like a p-r-o-f-e-s-s-i-o-n-a-l

by Anne Marin about a year ago in how to
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Because « pardon my french » doesn’t count neither does « déja vu » (I mean yes it’s in French but that is not how you'll master that beautiful language!)

If you are planning on mastering « la langue française » in 10 months from scratch, don't be too excited because it’s mostly impossible and it’ll probably take you many years of daily practise to become a 100 % fluent in French . Why is it so long your might ask ? Because even though you might think that English has the exact same structure as French... it’s unfortunately much more complicated to learn French than a simple memorization of words translated with the (let’s be honest ) precious help of Google Traduction. Indeed, the langage of love is composed of over 20 verb tenses which is way more than our precious language so it's definitely not a piece of cake to become fluent but it can be so gratifying and fulfilling that it's still so worth it when you put a lot of effort into it.

First of all, it might seem obvious to say that you can learn a new dialect by watching French shows but before even starting your journey you must ask yourself what kind of French suits me better? Do I want to learn French Canadian and try to imitate the French Canadian's unique and colorful accent or do I want to learn the perfectly pronounced French accent (from France ) or do I want to grow into speaking an African French? Personally, I grew up speaking Canadian French (mostly from Quebec and Ontario) and I would recommend this nuance of French to anyone who is planning to live or travel mostly in Canada or even more specifically in Quebec because speaker butOn the other hand, if you are planning on moving to Europe for instance or simply using French in your country and for that reason you want to learn French, it might be easier to learn international French first which is often presented in the icon movie's translation on Netflix for instance, to leanr the basis and then when you feel confident enough in your grammar you can choose afterwards which accent suits you better to start learning specific words.

Some examples of French variations:

French Canadian vs French(from France)

In Quebec

Second of all , I would recommend for anyone who is starting from scratch and who doesn’t know a single word in French to use Duolingo, it's a language learning completely free app who allows you to learn at your own pace. It will teach you basic elements, verb tenses, even expressions and it even teaches you new vocabulary at each sessions when you are more experienced. It is honestly an amazing and fun way of learning because it keeps you motivated by giving you rewards and by keeping you on track by sending you reminders when you did not respect your goal!

3.Third of all , I’d recommend to listen to different accents of French by watching tv shows on Netflix, by listening to podcast, by watching YouTube or even by rewatching you favorite movie but this time in French because it's like English at some point... there are many accents and if you are only listening to one of them you will possibly panic when you’ll have to interact with someone who seems to speak omplete different dialect and trust me you’ll thank me later if you do open your surroundings.


4. Speak , Speak and speak again

The more you speak en Français, the more you’ll understand French, the more you’ll think in that angage and when you think in an other language and when you do so, it will be something to be proud because it will be a cocnrete way of showing you that your brain is getting more proficient in this language and starts assimilating the things that you learned by creating dreams out of it. Isn't that amazing that our brains are capable of memorizig and even dreaming inconsciously in a second or third language? I honestly think that it's fascinating!

5-The last tip and probably the best piece of advice that I could ever give you is to trust yourself. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, don’t be scared of people making fun of you because at the end of the day it won't matter We haven’t all learned French as our first language during our childhood so it’s normal not to speak as fast and as fluently as someone who’s been speaking French for 30 years. Go to the places where it speaks French if your are living in a bilingual town just go out and hang out with your French speakign friends and if not you can still embrace your accent by talking to your French teacher or to anyone who is willing to practise with you(it can even be to your dog or to yourslef!)

If you practise 5 minutes daily and you make effort to I’m pretty sure that in a few years from now you’ll speak French with ease! Worst case scenario which isn't really bad, it will take you a lifetime to master it but the process will be rewarding don't forget that you can only improve! It will be all worth it if you start today, I believe in your capabilities and so should you! Next time, you'll read me if you ever do again it might be in French who knows?

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