5 Benefits of Online Classes

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The popularity of online study has brought online classes into the mainstream

5 Benefits of Online Classes

Lower Cost

With the average cost of a college education being in the tens of thousands of dollars, cost is a major factor for many college students. Taking classes online can be one of the most affordable ways to get a college education. You won’t need to pay for housing on campus. Online courses sometimes have lower tuition rates and fewer fees. They often make use of digital textbooks and other online resources, which can be hundreds of dollars cheaper than their printed counterparts.

Increased Selection of Classes

In a traditional college setting, your choice of school is limited by factors such as distance from your home and the cost of living in the city where the school is located. Your choice of coursework is limited by the school you choose. With online classes, your choice of school doesn’t have to be limited by where the school is located, which means whether you’d like to get a MS in business analytics online or study the classics of American literature, you can choose the school that offers the classes you most want to take. Since many classes don’t have set meeting times, there are also fewer limitations based on class schedule. You won’t have to choose between two classes that meet at the same time or figure out how to get from your 10:00 class on one side of the campus to your 11:00 class on the opposite side without being late.

No Commuting Hassles

If you’ve ever had to get up at the crack of dawn, drive an hour to campus, search endlessly for an open parking spot and then walk a mile to class in the rain, not having to deal with commuting to campus may be your favorite thing about taking classes online. Not commuting can also save you money on gas, bus fare and wear and tear on your vehicle.

Greater Flexibility

Online classes work with your life. Many classes have few or no set meeting times, allowing you to attend your lectures and do your work on your schedule. This increased flexibility is particularly valuable to students who have jobs and other obligations. Online study also allows you to choose the learning environment that suits you the best. If you like being around other people, you can do your work at the local coffee shop. If you prefer fewer distractions, you can hole up in your home office or bedroom. Online courses can be completed just about anywhere you have access to the Internet.

Improved Self-Discipline

One of the things most schools will warn you about when you are considering online coursework is that it requires a higher level of discipline, motivation and time management than traditional classwork. When you are taking classes online, you won’t have your instructor and your classmates there to prompt you to attend your lectures and do your work. You will need to be able to arrange your schedule, motivate yourself to attend your lectures and get all your work done by the deadlines, without the fear factor of having to show up to class unprepared. The good news is that those are all skills you will likely need in “the real world.” Honing those skills now will give you a leg up after graduation.

Online coursework isn’t for everyone, but for many students, the benefits of taking classes online far outweigh the potential drawbacks. If you are a self-motivated student who desires a lower-cost, higher flexibility option, online classes may be the right choice for you.

Mia Morales
Mia Morales
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