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$30k From Affiliate marketing

In this article, I can show you how you can make $30k per month.

By Rohit BlogsPublished 6 months ago 4 min read
$30k From Affiliate marketing
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When I made the decision to start affiliate marketing, I conducted extensive research to discover the most effective and legitimate methods for earning money. One of the main reasons why I write on Medium is to establish and grow my audience while offering valuable information and assistance free of charge

Medium serves as an excellent platform for driving traffic and is an ideal starting point for blogging. Not only can you gain views on your content, but you also have the opportunity to incorporate affiliate links. However, it’s important to note that Medium primarily functions as a traffic resource. In this article, I will provide you with the complete recipe or strategy that successful super affiliates employ.

Let’s Go Step-By-Step…..

Step 1 -

Choosing the right niche is crucial for successful affiliate marketing. Opt for high-commission niches such as automation, crypto, blogging, health, fitness, or digital products to maximize your earnings.

You have two approaches: create content related to a specific product or select a niche, build an audience, and then find relevant products to promote. The choice of finding a niche or product is up to you.

I recommend selecting a niche that genuinely interests you. It’s important to have a passion for creating content within your chosen niche, and regardless of the niche, you have the opportunity to establish a strong personal brand or company.

Many successful affiliate marketers work across various niches, which allows them to earn significant amounts of money. They actively explore different strategies and techniques observed by their competitors, enabling them to compete effectively in the market.

Step 2 -Finding a product for affiliate marketing is not overly challenging, and discovering a high-quality product can greatly enhance your results. Numerous products are available online, but it’s crucial to identify the ones that align best with your audience.

Understanding the needs and preferences of your audience is key. You can select a few top products and conduct tests on your audience to determine which ones resonate the most. This allows you to utilize the most effective products moving forward.

To find Products go to Clickbank, cj, digistore, impact, share a sell, or if you are in the artificial niche then I suggest you go to my website in this website I gave Excel sheet for applying different AI affiliate products.

Step 3 -

Make a free Landing page for your product on a landing page is very important to convert leads into customers so make sure you can create a landing page.

Creating a landing page is an excellent method to capture your audience’s attention. Since most platforms don’t allow direct affiliate links, using a landing page is highly recommended. You can utilize free tools like, Medium articles, Google Sites, or other free methods to create your landing page and drive traffic to it.

Step 4 - offers a valuable feature that allows you to create an email sequence for effective email marketing. Having a lead’s email address gives you the opportunity to generate affiliate income without constantly searching for new customers.

By setting up an email sequence, you can strategically nurture your leads and promote relevant affiliate products to them. This enables you to build a strong relationship with your audience and increase your chances of generating consistent affiliate income.

Step 5 -

To begin expanding your reach and driving traffic, it is advisable to create accounts on platforms such as Medium and Quora. These platforms provide opportunities to post content that is relevant to your product or niche. By sharing valuable insights, answering questions, and engaging with the community, you can establish yourself as an authority in your field and attract potential customers.

Additionally, starting a YouTube channel can be immensely beneficial. You can create videos that focus on product reviews or content related to your product. By providing informative and engaging video content, you can effectively promote your landing page and encourage viewers to visit it for more information or to make a purchase.

In addition to regular YouTube videos, you can also leverage the power of YouTube shorts and reels. These shorter, attention-grabbing videos can captivate viewers and entice them to explore your content further. By incorporating your landing page link in the video description or through visually appealing on-screen call-to-action overlays, you can drive traffic to your landing page effectively.

Utilizing these platforms and techniques collectively can greatly enhance your ability to reach a wider audience, promote your affiliate products, and ultimately increase your chances of earning affiliate income.

step 6 -

You can get emails from your landing page and then you need to send emails to your email subscriber daily or in sequence and put affiliate links on the email.

you can also start your blog but it cost you if you do not want to invest then the medium, Vocal is best for writing blogs and articles.

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