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3 types of "fake smart" children, parents should pay more attention to

Not all smart children will grow up to be successful.

By Flagler DanzigPublished 4 months ago 7 min read

We often say that successful children are often very smart and resourceful when they are young.

However, not all smart children, will grow up to be successful.

There are three kinds of "fake smart" children, not only will not grow up to have success, but also verbe y annoying, and even on the wrong path, parents must pay attention.

These 3 types of children are "fake smart", the future is difficult to have success, and parents should not be complacent

1、 Child who likes to lie

Eden's mother was interviewed by the kindergarten teacher and the director, the reason is that Eden especially loves to lie.

Today and parents say that children are bullying themselves, and tomorrow said the teacher pinch themselves. So Eden's grandmother went to kindergarten twice a day and made a big fuss.

Afterward, it was proven that Eden made up all the lies herself. Eden's mother criticized Eden several times, and even her father beat the child several times, but the situation still did not improve, and the child opened his mouth to all kinds of lies.

The kindergarten director politely expressed her hope that Eden would be transferred to another school and suggested that Eden's mother take her child to a psychologist.

The reason why Eden is so fond of lying is mainly related to her grandmother's education.

When Eden was young, if she did something wrong, she would find an excuse, and then her grandmother would not pursue the matter, and sometimes she would even praise "our Eden is so smart, she has so many ideas."

This led Eden to believe that lying can be praised, and you can avoid criticism, and slowly emerged habitual lying behavior, not a few words of truth from day to day.

The Children's Research Institute in Toronto, Canada, found through an experiment that children as young as 2 years old, have learned to lie. Children over the age of 4 years old generally choose to lie.

Children initially choose to lie because they are at a low cognitive level and cannot distinguish between imagination and reality. When something is imagined and desired by the child, it is easy for the child to tell the imagination as reality.

Later, it will develop into a "tendency to avoid harm" behavior, at this time, if the child appears to lie, and parents do not promptly correct the child, he will agree with this "lying" behavior, every time will use "lie " to shirk responsibility and avoid reprimand.


Once the child has tasted the sweetness of "lying", it is easy to lie. When the child is "open to lying", lying is slowly ingrained in the child's character and personality, and he can no longer distinguish what is true.

This kind of person has a big character problem, the future of society, the biggest performance is hypocrisy, like to brag, there is not a word of truth in the mouth, and no integrity can be said.

And such people, everyone respect and far away!

Children who like to jump the queue

Once in the amusement park queue to play a project, from the back came a child of about 8 years old, straight to the front of the line stood in.

After a while, a few adults came and walked up to the child. We found out that the child was to jump the queue, and have accused the child's behavior, the adult said "he is a child, you and what he is concerned about". They also turned back to comfort the child "do not care about them, you did the right thing!"

The back of people are shocked at the parents' education, not only encourage children to jump the queue, condone jumping the queue, but also protect against the wrong behavior of children!

In life, we often see parents with their children running red lights, jumping the queue, littering, and shouting in public places, these seemingly insignificant little things, behind the rules are broken.

Parental connivance can make children think they are doing the right thing and accuse their people of being the problem!

This wrong value perception of black and white will eventually appear a "snowball" effect, an unruly people, dare to do anything, dare to say anything, the child will do more and more unruly, he does not follow the rules, start breaking the rules, take shortcuts, and eventually, in their eyes, there are no rules to speak of, and will eventually lead to a big disaster.

Awareness of rules teaches children not only the basic qualities and upbringing but also allows children to have self-discipline and know the boundaries and bottom line of things. And a person who has no rules in his eyes, there is nothing he dares not do in this world.

Children who like to take advantage of small advantages

Anyone who likes to take advantage of small advantages, none of them is promising!

People who like to take advantage of the cheap, the first level of character can not pass, he for the sake of petty profits, do not hesitate to abandon the most necessary honesty of being human, do not hesitate to give up all the rules, such people are very terrible.

People who like to take advantage of the short-sighted, value the immediate benefits, only care about the gains and losses of the moment, and can not see the long-term development, such people simply do not have greater development.

Angelo has said that there are three kinds of people who should not be crossed.

One is to grab the back seat of a car.

The second is to go to the bathhouse to take off clothes fast and finished slowly to put on clothes.

The third is to eat after the check out to hide in the bathroom.

These three types of people are greedy for small bargains!

The people who are greedy for small bargains, seemingly smart, but stupid, as long as they get along once, people around him will be his character, the bottom line felt clear, such people will not be respected, and will not be deep friends!

Wise parents teach their children 3 kinds of ability, the future will be more promising

The foundation of education is the family, and parental education plays a vital role in the growth of a child.

For parents, the responsibility is immense and we need to play our role well because it is the most important thing in the child's life.

Wise parents teach their children 3 kinds of ability, the future he will be more promising, very important!

1, self-discipline ability

There is a common saying that goes like this: a point of cultivation, is only a point of harvest. You want your child to be more excellent, it lies in how hard he is on himself. Good people have a high degree of self-discipline.

This is because the most powerful opponent in life is never someone else, but yourself. Self-discipline, in the end, is a game between yourself and yourself.

The self-discipline of children is not only by their insistence but also needs the support of parents, guidance, and set example.

2、Communication skills

Communication is the bridge between people's hearts and minds. People who are good at communication and exchange can build a good relationships with others.

Cultivating the awareness of communication and enhancing communication skills from a young age plays a very important role in shaping a child's character, personality development, and even future development.

The child's communication skills have a great impact on the future, parents should pay attention to improving the child's language skills, let the child participate in more discussions, and improve the child's ability to speak, to ensure the child's health so as that the child grows up healthy.

3、Observation ability

Italian early childhood education expert Montessori proposed: the child 1-6 years old stage, is a detail-sensitive period, this stage of the child is the master of capturing details, the child all the time in a keen way to observe the surrounding environment. It is a great time to cultivate children's observation and concentration, and it is the beginning of children's observation and attention development.

Children have an instinctive curiosity and a fondness for observing tiny things such as moving ants, veins on fallen leaves, and dewdrops on flower petals, thus growing in insight and developing strong powers of observation and concentration.

The initial desire for exploration that emerges at an early age through exposure to nature is the path to a generation of scientific giants."

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