3 Areas of Personal Growth Challenged by Online Learning

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There is more to learning than just increasing your knowledge.

3 Areas of Personal Growth Challenged by Online Learning

College accessibility has been a focus of higher education institutions throughout the last few decades, as the global workforce has demanded that potential employees be well-trained and current on the newest theories, software systems, equipment, and techniques. While there are still areas that need work, when it comes to equality in enrollment and financial assistance, the roll that online education is playing in taking down these obstacles is remarkable. With the platforms of delivery able to be accessed by smartphones, tablets, laptops, and traditional computers, a student can enroll and attend classes or complete coursework virtually anywhere they have an internet connection. While enrolling in a college program provides the academic training needed to be successful in a business world, the entire experience will also develop several personal qualities that will be invaluable throughout your life.

Deciding What is Right for You

When taking college courses through an online institution, the student experience is often very different from attending a brick and mortar campus setting. The research shows that online enrollment is of particular interest to individuals for three primary reasons: financial, scheduling, and academic discipline. Depending on a student’s location, there might not be a college in the area that offers a specific academic field of study that suits their interests. When you look at online programs, there are things ranging from an accredited lean six sigma certification online to a doctorate degree in higher education administration. The cost of attending a school online is also significantly cheaper when you factor in potential travel costs, room and board, meals, and the fees. You also have the option of logging into the platform to complete your work or access the materials according to your own schedule. You don’t have to quit your job in order to further your education. While these reasons are benefits for the experience, you stand to gain personally as well.

3 Growth Areas

1. Soft Skills

In addition to learning theory or techniques for certain areas of practice, you will also master the soft skills of life. With online learning, time management is one of the most important. You will need to be self-motivated, and prioritizing your time to get assignments completed on time are skills that can be used in any area of your life. You will also develop the ability to solve problems, think analytically, learn to communicate through written and oral means, and develop your leadership and teamwork skills. Technical skills can be what gets your foot in the door, but soft skills will help you keep a job and earn you a promotion.

2. Self-Discovery

You will learn a lot of things through your coursework, but probably nothing so important as learning about yourself. You will be able to recognize areas of strength and weakness, and you will come to understand what it takes to get you motivated. Being self-aware is a personal skill that can help with relationships, social activities, and long-term career goals. If you are cognizant of the areas where you excel, you will be more confident in your approaches to landing a new job or posting for promotion. When you recognize a weakness or area where you can develop your abilities, it easier to seek advice or additional training.

3. Values and Ethics

When you are working through your online assignments, you will be asked to adhere to a code of conduct concerning paper submissions and other efforts. Being proud of your work isn’t enough to keep you from seeking a shortcut or relying on someone else to complete your tasks. You will need to establish a standard of ethics that will carry you through other challenges or situations, and hopefully, you choose to operate with honor and respect for the work of others and yourself. The habits you develop during school will carry with you into your career and throughout life.

If you have only thought about the academic benefits of choosing online learning, consider these three areas of personal growth as well. Sometimes, investing in the long-haul is worth the extra effort.

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