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Wow thinking about the day I graduate will meet it terms. I was sitting in math one day, looking out the window thinking, "This is my last year in Highschool!". I'm still struggling on what I've overcame so far, and still applying for colleges. I intended to try to piece up everything be for the BIG DAY. Wow, I haven't introduced myself, I'm Davona, the girl with the big puffy hair that seemed to be in peoples way during a class lecture, the one that gets looked at in when it comes to talking about who can say the N word, oh and also 17. The school I'm attending is a charter school in Utah, the "Morman State". I can say it's pretty easy to get around, just like the gossip, opps. The classes are great, I really do appreciate my teachers, there awesome. The groups of kids at my school can be somewhat interesting, some I just can't stand.

Anyways, back to the subject of senior year, I had to find a way to put myself out there for my last year in high school. Then it hit me, literally, there was a kid, I don't want to say names but I'll call him Bill. We were in Gym and the sport at the time was basketball. Bill accidentally hit me with a basketball, of course apologized and then he mentioned if I was interested in Robotics. I was like, "Is that hard?",and he mentioned how good I was in Computer Science, which I decided to do for the whole school year, and there was some Robotics in that. I agreed to do it, and it takes place on Tuesdays, making it a great way to start a week. The next couple of weeks went by, and I still needed some way of trying to get out there. I was talking to a chemistry teacher, her class is right upstairs, she mentioned this committee called Science Olympiad. Let me cut here, I just feel like I'm moving to fast into my school year. After Summer passed by, I slighty realized that, summer 2017 was over, my last year is already starting. The weather in Utah is very bipolar, it can rain, snow, basically anything. When school started I was very nervous on trying to get my grades up, making time on my schedule to hangout with people, just trying to stay busy. First term was stressful, the homework, test, pop quizzes were just a 'no', but there was a bright side to it all, 'TEST CORRECTIONS!'. I was happy with the schedule I had, first period was French, second was Graphic Design, third was A Level Math, fourth was English, fifth was Advisory, sixth was Physics, seventh was Gym and eighth was Civics. I enjoyed every class I had, my very favorite was Physics, theres just so much to learn in that class. There was a problem with Physics though, and that was 'No test Corrections'. I swear to you there was tears running down my face, sometimes I have test that have 45/50 and sometimes I'll have test that are 22/100.

I'm not all that brilliant, but I try, there are challenges I try to overcome. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy challenging myself everyday, I just try to beat them and then win. I realized that not everything is hard it just takes time to overcome.

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