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By meiPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
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1. When you want to refuse someone but don't want to refuse too bluntly, apply the yes - no - yes principle.

For example: When you receive an invitation to dine at a restaurant. With the principle of yes - no - yes, a refusal could be as follows: "I heard that the food and service at this restaurant are very good. I've wanted to go to this restaurant for a long time but haven't had the chance (yes). I If I didn't have an appointment (no), I would have gone with you right away (yes).

2. When you want to comment or criticize someone's shortcomings, talk about their strengths first. When they feel strong enough after compliments, criticism will not make them feel bad but give them the motivation to correct their weaknesses.

For example: "Your presentation is very creative, carefully prepared in terms of mood and presentation content. However, if you change a few points in the presentation, your presentation will be complete." perfect...)

3. Do not directly interrupt others while chatting. If you want to change the subject, interrupt in another way.

For example: "Open the window, it's a bit cold, let me close the window." After you close the window and come back, start with a new topic.

4. Always let the other person finish the sentence before taking your turn. They will give you the same respect even if they don't have that habit.

5. If you don't want to look someone in the eye when talking, look between their eyebrows, still giving the impression that you're looking into their eyes.

6. When you want someone to talk continuously, roll your eyes in a triangle, look at one eye of the other person, move to the other eye, then look down at the mouth. When you want the other person to stop talking, look in the opposite triangle: eyes - eyes - forehead.

7. Adjust your breathing to the same as the breathing of the person you admire, it will help that person be more sympathetic to you and less obvious in imitating their body language.

8. If you act excited to meet someone, they will gradually feel excited to see you without knowing why.

9. The secret to confidence is to think that everyone in the room likes you.

10. Mention the name of the person you just met in the conversation, or call them by their first name, this will create a feeling of intimacy for the other person.

11. When you focus on things that make you feel angry or upset, you can avoid some other feelings like fear or the urge to go to the bathroom.

12. If you brush your teeth immediately, you won't feel hungry anymore.

13. If you want the other person to agree with you, first make the other person agree with the secondary questions, then the main question.

14. When you feel anxious or afraid, blood will rush to your legs, due to an ancient defense instinct, preparing you to run away. By jogging gently for a distance, blood is evenly distributed throughout the body, helping to relax and unwind, reducing the feeling of fear, and also making you a little more confident.

15. Making the opposite sex feel like they have to pursue you makes you more attractive.

16. Calm the other person by hugging and regulating your breathing, so that they can feel the regular breathing, and the other person will gradually calm down.

17. Control your emotions by doing mental math: subtract 7 from 100 and then continue like that.

18. When explaining or lecturing someone, instead of asking "Do you understand?", ask "Is it easy to understand?"

19. If you have difficulty breathing, are nervous, or too emotional, inhale deeply through both your nose and mouth, hold for 3-5 seconds, then exhale slowly through your mouth.

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