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10 New Things You Can Learn From Home

There are so many new things to learn in this big world.

By Alicia SpringerPublished 4 years ago 6 min read

It's a frightening thought, the idea that it's only a matter of time before the coronavirus hits your household. You'll be quarantined, unable to leave the house, unable to go to work. Even worse, you'll feel way too sick to do much of anything.

Fortunately, there's still one thing you can do—a lot of things, actually. Specifically, you can take this time to learn an arsenal of new trade skills that you can use when you get back on your feet.

There are so many new things to learn in this big world. And thanks to the internet, and several online learning platforms, you don't have to leave home to learn them.

You can equip yourself to switch careers, even start a new career from home! Or gain skills that will help you advance once your current career resumes.

Don't dread the impending quarantine, prepare. Check out these online learning resources now.

1. Comprehensive Home Repair and Improvement - Udemy

If you're stuck at home under quarantine, then it's the perfect time to take inventory on all the fixer-upper opportunities around you. If the sink won't stop dripping, the dryer won't stop squeaking, that light won't stop flickering, then jot it down.

Once you have a decent-sized list, take to the internet. There's almost always an answer for such issues on YouTube.

However, if you want the full learning package, check out the Comprehensive Home Repair and Improvement course at Udemy.

2. Automotive 101: A Beginners Guide To Automotive Repair - Udemy

Your home isn't the only thing that can use some work. If you've been wondering why your engine is so loud when you drive over 50 MPH or what that squeak is when you slow down, Google it. It's probably something you can easily fix yourself, as soon as you're feeling better.

Better yet, take a beginner course in automotive repair. That way, you're always prepared to fix (or prevent) basic automotive problems without having to look it up.

Automotive 101: A Beginners Guide To Automotive Repair at Udemy is a great place to start. That goes for those who simply want to increase their skills and those who want to begin a career in automotive repair.

3. Writing Resumes and Cover Letters -

For whatever career you want to advance in, you'll want a top-notch resume. has a comprehensive course on Writing Resumes and Cover Letters.

It teaches you how to create the best possible cover letters/resumes for your particular skill set and job history. And, you'll learn how to customize these for each specific job-hunting situation you find yourself in.

If you really want that job, this course will teach you exactly how to get it.

4. Basics of Programming I - Codecademy

On average, programmers make over $84,000 per year. And that estimate is from 2018.

"But surely it's difficult to get into, right?" No, there's an ever-growing demand for programmers.

"Yeah, but how much do they have to pay back in student loans?" Nothing—it costs $0 to learn coding languages like HTML, CSS, and C++ and other programming skills from

Any more questions? Or would you rather just learn one of the most lucrative job skills in the world for free?

Start here with Basics of Programming I.

5. This Is How You Make iPhone Apps - Udemy

Speaking of programming, Udemy has a cheap, one-day course on how to create iOS apps and submit them to the app store. It's true: in one day you can become a paid, professional app creator. You can actually begin this career and start making money during your quarantine.

6. Learn a New Language - Duolingo

Another excellent job skill that absolutely every employer in the world hopes to see on your resume is "multilingualism." Learning a new language is moderately difficult and time-consuming, moreso if it includes learning a new written alphabet.

But it's also extremely beneficial. Learning one or more new languages will open doors for you in any career you hope to advance in.

You can learn any language at all from thousands of free or paid online courses. Just find the learning platform you like best and search for a course.

That said, the most convenient and effective (and free) online platform for learning new languages is Duolingo. Or as they put it, "Learn (Insert Language Here) in just 5 minutes a day. For free."

7. SEO For Beginners - Udemy

Or you can work on your website. You can start an online store, become an affiliate blogger, or promote your new apps. Perhaps you already have such a website started.

In any case, you'll see very minimal results from your website unless you optimize it to rank high in search engines. For this, there are a plethora of SEO (search engine optimization) courses on platforms such as Udemy or Skillshare. These range from beginner to advanced SEO so you can learn to achieve website success no matter what stage you're at.

Speaking of which, Udemy gives you an awesome place to start with SEO for Beginners. also offers an array of specialized SEO courses, including SEO for Social Media and SEO Keyword Strategy.

8. How to Start a Startup -

If you're thinking about going into business for yourself, there are some great courses that will teach you how. First is How to Start a Startup, a series of free videos all about how to get into entrepreneurship. The lecturers themselves are successful entrepreneurs, including Airbnb’s Brian Chesky and PayPal’s Peter Thiel.

Also worth noting is a free course on called How to Build a Startup. This course covers the first steps of beginning your startup, how to develop and manage your customer base, and how to calculate various business-related costs. The course is taught by entrepreneur Steve Blank.

9. Guitar For Beginners - Coursera

How long has that keyboard and/or guitar been sitting in your closet?

Your answer is irrelevant. The point is, if you refuse to get rid of the dang thing, why not learn to play it?

In particular, Coursera offers a multitude of competent courses on learning to play different instruments. There, you'll find courses ranging from Guitar For Beginners to Fundamentals of Music Theory.

Through this, you'll gain a new trade skill, or at least a cool party trick. Besides, you'll probably have fun and feel accomplished, too.

10. Fundamentals of Graphic Design - Coursera

Graphic design is another skill that will open doors for you in any career, or help you go into business on your own. Fundamentals of Graphic Design, the first of a 5-course series at Coursera, is the best place to begin.

Besides this, have you ever thought of sculpting, painting, photography? Like music, these too are fun and possibly lucrative skills to learn. Also like music, you can find excellent courses for these artistic skills at Coursera.

You've Got Some New Things to Learn

It looks like you've got a lot of new things to learn. It's time for a new beginning.

Now, bookmark or print this guide for reference and share it to inspire those you care about.

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