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Three Men Trapped in a Cave

Three Men Trapped in a Cave

By Shabir hassanPublished 30 days ago 3 min read
Three Men Trapped in a Cave
Photo by Ksenia Kudelkina on Unsplash

Abdullaah ibn 'Umar detailed that the Courier (may the harmony and endowments of Allah arrive) said:

Three men of a group before you, were on an excursion when they were surpassed by a tempest and in this manner they took cover in a cavern. A stone descended the mountain and impeded the exit from cave.

One of them said:

"The main way for liberation left is to implore Allah for the sake of some upright deed."

Immediately one of them petitioned,

"O Master, my folks were extremely old, and I used to offer them their daily beverage of milk before my kids and different individuals from the family. On one occasion I got sidetracked far away looking for green trees and could return solely after my parent had fallen asleep. At the point when I had drained the creatures and carried their daily beverage to them. They were sleeping soundly, however I could have done without to upset them, nor would give any piece of the milk to my youngsters and different individuals from the family till after my folks had their beverage. In this manner, with the vessel close by, I anticipated their enlivening till the flush of day break, while the youngsters shouted out of craving at my feet. At the point when they awakened, they had their beverage. O Ruler, in the event that I did this thing looking for just your pleasure, do let us free from the misery created upon us by this stone."

Immediately, the stone moved somewhat however insufficient to allow them to drop.

Then the subsequent man asked:

"O Ruler, I had a cousin that I cherished more energetically than any man could cherish a lady. I attempted to tempt her yet she would decline, till in a time of extraordinary difficulty because of starvation, she moved toward me (for help) and I gave her 120 Dinars relying on the prerequisite that she would have sex with me. She concurred, and when we got together and I was about to engage in sexual relations with her, she argued, 'Dread Allah, and don't break the seal unlawfully', whereupon I created some distance from her, notwithstanding the way that I wanted her most energetically; and I let her keep the cash I had given her. O Ruler, on the off chance that I did this thing looking for just your pleasure, do move the pain in which we track down ourselves."

Again the stone moved somewhat however insufficient to allow them to drop.

Then the third asked:

"O Ruler, I recruited a few workers and put in them their time, however one of them abandoned passing on what was because of him. I put it in business and the business flourished extraordinarily.

Sooner or later, the worker returned and said: 'O worker of Allah, hand over to me my wages.' I shared with him: 'All that you see is yours; camels, cows, goats and slaves." He said: 'Don't play joke with me, O worker of Allah.' I guaranteed him: 'I'm not kidding.' So he took every last bit of it saving nothing. O Ruler, assuming that I did this looking for just for your pleasure, do free us from our trouble."

The stone then, at that point, moved away, and all the three emerged from the cavern no problem at all.


From the story inside this hadith we learn of one of the allowable types of tawassul, which is to ask Allah by your great deeds which you have done previously. Note that each time one of the men referenced his great deed, he put a condition on it that Allah judge whether it was performed earnestly, as a deed which is performed without genuineness won't be acknowledged by Allah. We likewise gain proficiency with a portion of the honorable sorts of deeds, which incorporate taking care of ones guardians, keeping away from a transgression in any event, when one is somewhat recently of committing it, and being cautious and savvy with liabilities that are trusted to you.


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