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The world's top 5 amazing facts: there were only 2,000 humans left, and Everest is not the highest peak.

Top 5 amazing facts about the world

By Carlo PhilPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

The Earth has been born 4.6 billion years, scientists will be divided it into three stages the 4.6 billion years, the first stage for the formation of the period, the second stage to become the Pacific Ocean, the meta-Paleocene, the original atmosphere is formed in this period, the third stage for the geneticist zeros, biological, geological evolution began.

In fact, after 10 to 20 million years, the Earth has formed, but the history of mankind is only a few million years, and human civilization is only a few tens of thousands of years less, in the distant past, the Earth in the end what has happened, unknown, even now the world has many mysteries, as well as some amazing facts.

The human race came close to extinction, with only 2,000 or so people left on the planet.

The theory of human extinction has always been an enduring topic in the scientific community, among the legends of civilizations around the world, but also with a variety of myths to allude to extinction, the Mayan fifth prophecy has likewise been interpreted as human extinction, but in history, there was a mass extinction.

The American Journal of Human Genetics revealed that a project called the Genetic Geography Project, which brought together Chinese, Russian, Indian, French, British, and Australian scientists to investigate and collect evidence through the study of "mitochondrial DNA", concluded that 70,000 years ago, there were only These 2,000 people migrated from Africa and reproduced generations of humans.

The magnetic properties of the Earth's poles have alternated many times

In our normal perception, the magnetic poles have always been north and south, but the Earth's magnetic poles are not constant, since the birth of the Earth, the north and south magnetic poles have been interchanged many times, scientists will be this special phenomenon as "magnetic pole reversal", the first discovery of magnetic pole reversal is in 1906.

The French Academy of Sciences conducted a geological expedition in the central mountain range of Spare, where it was found that the magnetic field of rocks was in the opposite direction, in the ongoing exploration, this change exists in more ancient times, 600 million years ago at the end of the Precambrian, to about 540 million years ago in the Middle Cambrian, is dominated by the reverse magnetic poles.

Once the magnetic poles reversed, the north and south magnetic poles interchanged, and the climate environment would change instantly, just like a polar bear living in a cold region, suddenly its living environment became a desert, which would trigger a mass extinction event. But why the north and south magnetic poles would suddenly transform, has never been solved.

Earth is not 24 hours a day

All along, we have been subject to 24 hours and also divided into 12 hours in ancient times. In the late Ming and early Sing dynasties, Western mechanical watches were introduced to China, and also began to use the 24-hour timekeeping method, but in fact, our time is only 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 4 seconds, which was made a sidereal day.

Humans have only explored less than 10% of the ocean area

The total area of the ocean reached 360 million square kilometers, accounting for about 71% of the Earth's surface area, and an average depth of about 3795 meters, the ocean contains more than 1.35 billion cubic meters of water, occupying 97% of the Earth's total water, while only 2% of human drinkable, since the development of science and technology, human exploration of the ocean area of less than 10%.

That is to say, there are 90% of the unknown sea, scientists have found in the stomach of a shark 10 meters long giant octopus, this huge unknown life may live in these waters, as for the rumors around the sea monster, may also be from these unknown waters.

Everest is not the highest

Everest is a mountain that many climbing enthusiasts want to challenge, summing Everest, means standing on top of the world, but in fact, Everest is not the highest mountain, because the Earth is an irregular sphere, the closer to the equator, the higher the peak, Chimborazo Peak is located in Ecuador, the southern continent, it is the world's first peak.

Because the distance from Chimborazo Peak to the center of the earth is 6384.1 kilometers, while Everest is only 6382 kilometers Everest is the highest mountain in the world, but not the highest peak in the world.


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