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Why did the Chinese Ministry of Propaganda speak specifically about Rhodes at the press conference?

The most beautiful freshwater fish

By Carlo PhilPublished 12 months ago 4 min read

If you ask which of the common wild freshwater fish species in China is the most beautiful, many friends will probably think of Rhodes vulgarism, this small fish with a small head is too beautiful, it is clothed in colorful clothes, and although small, the richness of the body color exceeds the majority of fish species, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple it almost accounts for all, in addition to pink, white, black, etc., it is hard to imagine that nature's magic work can carve out It is hard to imagine that nature's magic can carve out such beautiful little elves in the water.

Rhodes is widely distributed in China, almost all over the natural waters of our country, and it is called differently everywhere, the folk rarely call it Rhodes, different places are called four-sided skin, colorful fish, mirror fish, colorful round, plate, rainbow fish, etc. Many friends aged 30 or 40 years and above should be clear, as a child in the river ditch pond can often see this fish, and then with environmental pollution water quality has become worse, this fish can not be seen. These fish can not see, because these small fish on the water quality requirements are high, and the water quality deterioration they can not survive, but in recent years China's environmental management has been effective many natural glasses of water. The water quality has returned to the condition before the pollution, so this small fish is back.

On the morning of September 15 this year, the Ministry of Propaganda held a series of press conferences on the theme of "China this decade", Minister of Ecology and Environment Huang Running talked about Rhodes when introducing the state of China's water ecology and environment, taking Barbadian, a river wetland in Hebei Province, as an example, saying that the water quality of the precipitation area and rivers entering the precipitation has all reached the Ⅲ standard, and the clean water quality The clean water has made the Rhodes reappear in Barbadian and nearby rivers.

In May this year, a press conference held by the ecological environment department of Shandong Province also revealed that a large population of Chinese Rhodes was found in the Jinan section of Xiaoping River in Shandong Province in March this year, and said that it was the second time that Chinese Rhodes was found in Xiaoping River basin after more than 60 years, which reflected the effectiveness of the restoration of ecological environment in China.

In biological classification, Rhodes is the common name of fish belonging to the subfamily Electroencephalograph (Rhodes subfamily) of the carp family, and there are quite a few species in China alone, such as the Chinese white-sided Rhodes (with white edges on the back side of the upper and lower fins), the Chinese colored stone Rhodes, the Chinese blue stone Rhodes (with heavy blue coloration on both sides of the body), the Chinese yellow stone Rhodes (similar in shape to the blue stone Rhodes, but yellowish), the southwest volcanic Rhodes, etc. There are also high-bodied Rhodes There are also high-bodied Rhodes, large Rhodes, and spiny fin Rhodes, so it is also an "indigenous species" in China, but there are also other species of Rhodes in Japan and Vietnam. Only the large Rhodes will be more than 10 cm, but usually, they are within 15 cm and weigh less than a couple of grams.

The ecological environment has become better, and there are more fishing friends, but people who like fishing usually don't like this fish because it is too small, there is no meat to eat, and it is said to be unpalatable, but it loves to bite the hook, so it is more annoying.

But fish keepers like this fish, no other reason, because it is too beautiful, very popular, no wonder it was named by the Ministry of Propaganda in a press conference, in recent years Vanilla Rhodes has become the new darling of the freshwater fish aquarium market, more and more breeders, enough to explain the extent to which this fish is loved.

At present, this fish is not cheap in the aquarium market, to raise this fish, it is better to go to the field to catch some back to raise, this fish is very good to catch, with a net pocket, sieve, glass bottles, etc., put some bait, such as fish bait, buns, meat bones, etc. can be put into the waters with this fish, wait for about 10 minutes, and then take out the container at a faster speed, there will often be a lot of this small fish inside, take Go home and raise it.

However, this small fish is not good, and they like to live in clusters, so when you raise a few more, but also pay attention to the water quality should be clean, the tank should be large, preferably with sand underneath, and then put a few mussels, because Rhodes and mussels are symbiotic, Rhodes will lay eggs in the mussels so that the mussels help themselves to hatch young fish, get a good this fish will be more and more.


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