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The cosmic secret

There are many aspects because the solar cycle is 12 years. what is beyond 12 belongs to Shiva (Hindu god) ?

By AashiPublished about a year ago 3 min read
The cosmic secret
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There are many aspects because the solar cycle is 12 years. what is beyond 12 belongs to Shiva (Hindu god) ? what is below 12 belongs to Devi oh Shiva's got no numbers no that's not how it is no because there are some feminists. I want you to understand this is Ultimate feminism where a woman and all the processes of her body are worshiped not seen as high and low so why 11 is probably this is not yet well established
in the modern Sciences but in the yogic
science the material dimensions of the world
the material dimensions of creation are in 11 dimensions everything that's material is 11. if it moves to the 12th dimension.

it starts dissolving into becoming non-material or non-physical so what is beyond 12 is Shiva's RAM.means that which is not so beyond 12 is no more that which is not what is below 12 is 11. so this is that which is so Devi( goddess) is consecrated in a way that everything that we do with her he is 11 you see even heart. Grisham is at 11 o'clock. we are located at 11 degrees latitude. oh these things have fallen well together the way space and time is
conceptualized in the form of material
manifestation of creation even in modern science.

he's moving towards theoretical physics he's moving towards clearly saying there are 11 brains or 11 membranes or 11 universes or trans universes. beyond that is non-physical dimensions still there is existence but not particular not Material in nature

The deepest trench that you find in the oceans of this world is 11 kilometers. because the design of what happens in the creation is based on certain fundamentals one thing manifests in one way everything else is related to that there is something called a constructional theory that they've gone into these days the design of an atom
and the design of the cosmos is the same as the fundamental design of an amoeba and that of a human being and that of a human being is the same.

only the complexity and sophistication have multiplied much fold over so it looks so different but fundamentally it is the same thing so because of this in the material world so many things hang around number 11 because that is the dimension we are representing as Devi to find success and victory in the material world.

if you Transit from this go into 12 we are only thinking of mukti that is being liberated from the material world. I always feared. when I consecrated years ago and that day itself I said I have a fear in my heart that she will become more popular than him it is happening already. As a part of regulating her popularity, we are doing a bit of a lockdown for the last few years for her not just for the virus even before we're closing down the Devi Temple for some time this period may increase as she becomes more popular
because we don't want people to be more
focused on material Victory than the ultimate victory in their lives they need to come Temple is close so at least then they go and sit in their arms.

see one person is uh picking a number which is three the other person is also picking the number three because certain cohesiveness can easily happen with life not only with human beings it can even happen with other creatures. it can happen with trees it can happen with other animals very there much more than human beings is very little among humans, among trees and animals also this is beings because there is too much of much thought so their synchronicity is intellectual thought in the human being in the other animals.

There is not so way better than that of human beings but he is their synchronicity with life
of course, otherwise, so many things wouldn't happen there are lots of studies that clearly
show this and they have made studi es of various uh people and animals mice they have noticed that this is possible that otherwise, life would not exist but it should not be overdone in our minds that's all
learning can just happen out of contact so there is synchronicity with life.


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  • Angelina F. Thomasabout a year ago

    Sheer excellence. Keep it up. Good morning.

AashiWritten by Aashi

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