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Confidence can change your life - Priyanka Chopra

By AashiPublished about a year ago 4 min read
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You know I don't think people would believe it but I think it sells doors that you were born with. I don't think confidence is something, I don't think confidence is a skill set and I had no confidence growing up as a child. I had extremely low self-esteem. I was go Keys a teenager and I lived in America .I was made to feel conscious about the fact that I was Indian
That was weird at that time and not by everyone but just by like a few bullies at school that hated me in high school is hard for everyone but so I was in a very weird sort of teenage place and when Miss India happened. I'm inherently competitive. I think the fact that I was competitive pushed me to teach myself to be confident .Initially I faked it till I made it .I was just like I'm not gonna let anyone see but I'm scared. I'm not gonna let anyone see that I'm affected and over time I realized that as a woman as a girl in this world if I allow myself to be hurt or if I allow myself to be affected that's all I'm going to be and I'm not you know trying to say that it's a it's an issue that just women have it's not easy to be a woman in show business and especially a woman who's opinionated especially someone who I'm not I'm sort of like and I wasn't like that from the beginning! sort of learned so confidence is something I've taught myself I started becoming okay with who I am became the best version of me and then I sort of said I'm okay you know I'm alright even if someone else thinks this I' m okay and everyone can do that always created in school but I didn't know what to do with it I used to ride did plays I would do school but my aspiration was never to be creative and now that I found this vocation I'm producing I write columns I my creativity comes out in whatever way it can I think somehow some things guides you what that is I don't know I don't have a name for it I don't think it's a religion I don't know if it's God I don't know what it is I think something is bigger than us and I believe that well when I became Miss India I sort of was on strange ground myself because! was literally I was in college I was study and now I'm suddenly Miss World and I have these I was traveling all over the world you know being an ambassador and and suddenly movie offers started coming to me from India because I think producers thought that it would be it would make business sense to you know have miss world in the movie and I guess it is because in my first second films like I want a lot of awards I didn't think I could act I just went in there with the idea of okay I can learn a new skill set I may not know
People just don't realize it is what acting is about but I can learn so that's how I've taught myself.

I've never been to film school. I've been taught my spike arere has been perfect. I've fallen down and dusted myself off. I've been okay to fail. I don't like failure I'll never let the
same failure happen to me again because I learn from it I like knowledge I like learning from the people around me and I don't think anyone reaches a point no matter how successful you are in life you can't learn something and I think that sort of got me to where I am and that's been a big part of my work and I remember when no one wanted to ask me and I get that I remember when and I still am like sometimes there's so many fights that I do but I remember when nobody wanted to you know wanted my opinion I remember when I had to work on when I was just the side chick to the guy and I had to work and do small but important significant parts to prove that I can and I will and then triumph so no one can be that you can't be like oh that's knees gonna knock on my door one day no it won't you have to be able to recognize opportunities because there'll be a lot of them that come into your life and once you recognize enough to seize the day and work bloody hard because there'll be 25 other people I was told that that I wanted because of confidence because I asked later there was so many more beautiful women than me but of course like what what is it and they were like just you when you speak you just eloquent and confident and you know and I was 18 and I realize how important it was I mean I was Miss World at 18 just because I was confident so if mainly understand that confidence truly is the key to getting ahead in life if you believe in yourself the world will believe in you because perception is reality.


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