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Take a Pack

Reduction of Carbon Footprint

By Thomas DurbinPublished 3 years ago 5 min read

Reduction of Carbon Footprint is a challenge we all must meet together.

Individually, there are many things you can do that will save you time, improve your health, and help save our planet.

My "Take a Pack" plan, described below, is one that everyone can do. You can use items you already have and expand on the idea as you fill your backpack, satchel, purse, or any tote you choose. You can find many useful items for your pack at thrift stores and yard sales at bargain prices. The basic concept is to take your own utensils and other necessary items and use them instead of accept single-use items when you are 'on the go' and away from home. The items in the photo are ones I carry in my backpack. Also, mess kits like those used in Scouting are very handy and durable.

In addition to taking a pack, I am doing other things to reduce my carbon footprint daily that you may be able to do as well. I have reduced vehicle (fuel) use by living within walking distance of work. I am sending valuable information about alternative energy options and the importance of the environment on which we all depend to our Congresspersons to help them make better decisions. Make your voice heard and contact them!

I have a simple, healthy diet including many raw, unpackaged foods that helps avoid excess packaging and I avoid places that use single-use items. I use cloth shopping bags and encourage others to stop using plastic bags. Many restaurants and gas stations will let you use your own bottle or cup at drink fountains, so don't be afraid to ask or simply use your own instead of buy bottled drinks or accept single-use cups. Don't forget that drinking a lot of water instead of sodas is healthy for you and the environment.

I also took one major step to help restore Earth and sequester carbon released into the environment. I purchased 10 acres back home in rural East-Central Illinois and have taken it out of 'production'. I'm working on restoration of native plants. The prairie plants and trees will sequester carbon naturally and provide food, shelter, and habitat for many creatures. You may not be able to purchase land and set it aside, but you can join with others and jointly purchase some land and help restore it acre by acre. Every acre counts! We need to reverse the trends leading to devastation and this is one great way to start! Restoration of land and habitats, especially prairies and forests, is the best way to sequester carbon and avoid additional human-caused climate change.


A safe and healthy drinking water initiative. TAP...into...Success!!

Create a cleaner environment and a healthier population!

• TAP encourages drinking tap water and reducing carbon footprint.

• The healthiest drink is water and clean tap water should be available everywhere. Safe, affordable, healthy!

• The basic idea is to take your favorite durable water bottle, mug, cup, or other drinking vessel in a small pack with you as a matter of habit.

• Many people are accustomed to carrying a purse, satchel, or bag, a cell phone, and other personal items, so bringing a durable water bottle should be easy!

• Load your pack with your drink bottle and accessories like a filter, reusable straw if you prefer to use a straw, or your favorite flavorings to add to your water wherever you go.

• Bonus: extend that to utensils, personal items, etc., and you can save money!

• include a Global effort to allow use of our own bottles at fountains in restaurants and bars and stores … everywhere!

• We can all get in the habit!

• You’ll be helping yourself and the planet!!

TAP is a great way to address several problems with one simple concept! People and all living things world-wide suffer due to

• over-consumption of unhealthy beverages sold in disposable containers in more developed areas.

• waste from industries creating single-use bottles and liquids. Bottling drinks and distributing them creates huge volumes of land, air, and water pollution.

• We can eliminate that waste and be healthier while saving animals harmed by plastic waste and pollution on land and in oceans!

• The healthiest drink is water and clean tap water should be available everywhere. Safe, affordable, healthy!

TAP initiative

• carry your water bottle in your tap pack.

• improve health by drinking water and expanding availability of clean drinking water.

• reduce waste and pollution by eliminating plastic bottles and pollution attributed to manufacturing and distributing drinks.

Benefits of TAP

• Improve human health and reduce global health care costs.

• improve personal finances by saving $s that were spent on bottled water and unhealthy drinks.

• Eliminate waste, especially plastics, and save the lives of many animals.

TAP pack and bottle suggestions

• For the bottle, include a strap, holder, belt clip, and/or carabiner

• Include a water filter for camping, etc.

• Flavoring container in your pack

• Insulator covering for bottle if preferred or needed

• Society: public refill stations and bottle cleaning stations

• Use a Counter to celebrate success: I reduced consumption by X number of bottles!

Bonus benefits of TAP initiative

• lead to adoption of other healthy habits.

• reduce energy consumption by not cooling or using ice as much.

• Recycling is great, but REDUCE is first on the list. reduce, reuse, recycle.

The future

• Tap packs and bottles revenue used for clean water supplies.

• Tap packs and bottles approved for air travel and international travel and airport fountains instead of drink service during flights.

• For event security, develop a quick method to verify fluid is water for security check points.




End Narrative

Carry a bottle for tap water in a pack of basic daily items. Drinking tap water is the healthy choice globally. Keep your pack with refillable bottle handy and remain properly hydrated as well as greatly reduce pollution such as single-use bottles and utensils. It benefits wildlife by reducing the amount of trash that reaches land and oceans and saves lives.

I am inspired by the opportunity to introduce concepts to society globally that will improve health, reduce waste, improve personal economics.

I strive to continue working with those endeavoring to create a Sustainable society on a Healthy Earth through application of existing technologies and development of new ones.

Thomas E. Durbin, P.E., LEED AP


About the Creator

Thomas Durbin

Raised in rural east-central Illinois, I appreciate nature and the environment. I'm a father, grandfather, professional engineer-scientist, leader, scouts leader, coach, stoic, minimalist, costumer, historian, traveler, and writer.

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