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Recycling Tips & Tricks To Make Your Office More Environmentally Friendly

by Alan Carter 9 months ago in Sustainability
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If you want to preserve the earth's environment around you, then recycling your office wastes

Recycling Tips & Tricks To Make Your Office More Environmentally Friendly
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If you want to preserve the earth's environment around you, then recycling your office wastes would be a great head start. The fewer office wastes reach landfills, the better it will be for the environment. But, 'going green' isn't easy because there are indeed a lot of factors that come into play while opting for office waste recycling.

In case you're a business employer and you're looking for eco-friendly measures for recycling your office wastes, then we suggest following the below-mentioned tips & tricks.

Tips & Tricks To Follow For Office Wastes Recycling

1. Recycle All Kinds Of Office Supplies

According to popular janitorial services in Toronto, the first step as an employer that you should take is to ask your employees to keep all of their unused office supplies in one place. Therefore, instead of throwing any office supplies into the trash, the same can be reused by other employees, if required.

Such a practice will also help your employees to check the inventory of any office supply before reordering items.

2. Go Paperless

While it can be impossible to go paperless all of a sudden, you can surely take the correct steps in reducing the amount of paper utilised inside your office premises. Always encourage your employees to use paper as much as they need and cut down on the excess. Furthermore, printing should be done on both sides of a paper, so that more paper sheets could be saved.

Additionally, ask your employees to use online cloud services as much as possible in sharing documents digitally with one another, so that printing of documents can be avoided.

3. Use Rechargeable Batteries

There will be multiple items in your office that will use batteries to be operated, such as desk clocks, table lamps, wireless mice and so on. Instead of using traditional batteries and throwing them out every time, it's better to simply opt for rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries can be recharged when they're depleted, which means that less office wastage will be produced.

4. Use Beverage Mugs

Tea and coffee consumption is pretty common in offices, which means that using one-time-use cups for beverage cups or glasses can be pretty wasteful. Instead, encourage your employees to bring their tea or coffee mugs and continue to reuse them every time. Such a practice will cut down on office wastes and thus move towards a sustainable future.

5. Place More Bins Inside The Office

If you want to encourage your employees to recycle more, you have to provide them with the proper supplies as well. That's why it would be prudent to place more bins to collect office wastes effectively. For instance, placing a bin beside the printer can be a good way to collect any waste paper easily. Moreover, every employee should have his or her recycling bin as well.

Having more bins inside your office instils that sense of recycling responsibility among your employees.

6. Carrying Out A Waste Audit

As a responsible employer, if you care about the 3 R's (reduce, reuse and recycle), then you have to carry out a waste audit at your office every year. A waste audit will help you discover several recycling opportunities for your business, which you didn't know about earlier. For example, if the audit reveals that your office produces a lot of cardboard wastes from employee lunch deliveries, then you have to make sure that you use a recycling bin to collect all those cardboard wastes.

Thinking about the impact of office wastes on the environment and changing your course of action will always set a benchmark for your employees. Your actions as an employer towards opting for a greener future will help in motivating your employees to do the same.


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