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Nature's Gift

There is always a deep desire to return to nature. Nature is the cradle of all life

By NatalieMarmolPublished 6 months ago 4 min read
Nature's Gift
Photo by Qingbao Meng on Unsplash

There is always a deep desire to return to nature.

Nature is the cradle of all life. Blue sky, white clouds, green mountains, green water, forests and bamboo, boulders, deep caves, valleys and birdsong, mountains and water ...... everything is so ordinary, yet everything is so real and simple, without refinement always makes a surge of emotions in the heart.

Into nature, you can walk alone in the lingering autumn rain on the winding mountain trails, allowing the drizzle to hang a layer of fine crystal water droplets on the eyelashes. Tilt your face to receive the caress of the rain; stretch out your hand to receive the gift of nature and enjoy the unspeakable beauty. Pick a bunch of wild chrysanthemums with dew drops and fragrance, suck in the real aura, taste the transcendence of Tao Yuanming's "Picking chrysanthemums under the eastern hedge, seeing the southern mountains at ease", and let an inexplicable warmth come to you.

Close to nature, you can walk alone in the birch forest in the season of leaf fall to find the remnants of the fallen leaves and taste the afterglow of the fallen leaves. The autumn breeze will make you feel that this is also the beauty of life. When you pick up a leaf, it is like picking up a quietly hidden innocence. When you look at it, it's like savoring life and the value of life. Walking into the birch forest is like walking into a woven dream, the tower ringing the fallen leaves, the gentle feeling seems to isolate you from the world, and nature as one so that you feel a deep breath from nature.

Enjoy nature, you can in the sunset colorful, sunset when the west, stand on the stone bridge, gaze at the blood-like sunset, experience the majestic and mournful sunset, and experience the profound connotation of "sunset is infinite". All around a silent, quiet, so that people rise to the wisp of softness. Heaven and earth as in the dream of general silence, indistinct, soft and long and lingering. In this poetic realm, you can listen to the silent song of dusk, look at the long-lost river, the brilliant golden light where the water and sky meet, the golden grass on the shore kissed by the afterglow of the sunset, and let the tranquility rise in your heart as the river runs into the distance.

When you are in nature, you can climb a high hill, find an open space to lie down, face the blue sky and inhale its depth, its spotless fragrance. Close your eyes, hold a maple leaf abandoned by the season in your mouth, and let the smiling sunlight brush over your heart without a single wrinkle. The breeze is blowing, swaying the wind chimes of nature; the yellow warbler is singing, chirping the heartbeat of nature. You are the only master in this poetic realm of "birdsong and mountains".

Capture nature, you can gently chant the sunset, shallow chanting afterglow, to find a side of tranquility in the forest; you can be alone in the luxuriant grass, with the moon stars into the vast universe; you can throw yourself into the bosom of the sea, under the kiss of seawater, into the dreamland to chase the colorful future ......

In the noisy life and the complicated interpersonal interactions, people are always eager to return to nature, and their true selves, and experience the freedom and pleasure of rejoining themselves. In the embrace of nature, we can pluck the wind and rain, look at the mountains and water; we can listen to the birds singing and singing pine waves; can feel the fresh, fragrant natural wind from the fields; in the embrace of nature we do not need to hide anything, nor do we need to decorate anything, everything is so free and casual; in the embrace of nature, we can temporarily get rid of all the worries, so that the mind into a kind of unconventional and In the embrace of nature, we can get rid of all our worries for a while and let our thoughts enter a realm of unrestrained and unconventional. In a new space and time, we can redefine ourselves and restore ourselves, reviving our body and mind from a new starting point and sublimating our personality!

Nature, you embrace the clear blue sky, you urge the red flowers to bloom, you caress the gurgling spring, and you listen to the chanting of orioles. Nature - the eternal lure of the soul!


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