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Harmony of Nature

Some people say that nature is happy, look at the flowers blooming and the green trees;

By NatalieMarmolPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Harmony of Nature
Photo by v2osk on Unsplash

Some people say that nature is happy, look at the flowers blooming and the green trees; some people say that nature is sad, look at the sunset and the passing of water. I think nature, whether it is sad or happy, has a sense of freedom and a sense of spontaneity.

When spring comes to the earth, nature dresses up. Wouldn't it be a pity to waste such a good time? So the grass straightens up, the treetops sprout buds, "when the swallows fly, the green water is surrounded by people", and all living creatures seem to be busy.

Flowers, naturally, open, the eagle, naturally, soar, since they were given the right to live, why not let life be brilliant? Who said the mountain has no life? Is there no spiritual rhyme to the swaying smiles all over the mountain, the slowly falling water drops between the rocks that reflect the seven colors of light? Although the mountain is quiet, the heart is not quiet, it is always carefully prepared, working, not to let depression, and loneliness plague themselves. As for the clouds in the air, since they do not have a home, they are home everywhere, floating to wherever they are.

Grasp the time, grow to the fullest, fly without wings, and create their happiness, aren't these a kind of spontaneity of nature?

Of course, the flowers know that without withering, there is no new opening, so at the end of spring, "the lonely village is far away, the slanting sun apricot flowers fly", can not stay, let it go, dancing in the wind, looking for a new home, is not a kind of relief. The green water on the green mountain, knowing that the high place is not the place to stay, will leap, the fly straight down in search of life's arbitrariness, after all, the sea is also far away. The leaf dedicates its life's color to its support, it has bathed in the sun, listened to the wind, appreciated the blue sky, overlooked the earth, it has realized its value in the world without complaint when nature needs it to return, the leaf will not hesitate to float down and fade away, no crying and crying, only comfortable and cool.

"The moon is still full, when will it be reunited?" Is not the moon's cloudiness and roundness a kind of randomness? When it is missing, it slowly makes up for it, when it is round, it finds a new gap and then makes up for it again. Repeatedly, the moon will live on in this roundness.

The colorful nature reveals its freedom and liberty everywhere. Perhaps it is also this feature that makes everything go more smoothly, adding comfort, ease, relaxation, and joy to the world. Of course, through our eyes, there may be bitterness and happiness, evil and goodness in the same thing, and our mood may be pleasant or boring. But since nature is so spontaneous, why don't we be spontaneous too? If you look at the world with a liberal eye, you will find that troubles can often be avoided and difficulties are not all that difficult to overcome. If you experience life with a free mind, how much suffering can you taste? Is it hard to take painful encounters as a gift of life, to climb up when you turn over in the progress, like mountains, like clouds, like falling flowers and leaves, like the moon, like the incarnation of nature, to meet the storm and create happiness when there is sadness?

Oh man, why do you live with nature and yet forget to study it from time to time?


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