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Liddington pattern an exact match for Roswell Rock design

The mystery of the crop formations: Part Three

By Steve HarrisonPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 7 min read

As was evident with the 2002 Crabwood crop feature, other recent formations that have surfaced appear to also have connections to the alleged 1947 flying-saucer crashes near Roswell in New Mexico.

One such design appears to be a carbon copy of an artefact known as the Roswell Rock, which is said to have been discovered in 2004 by New Mexico businessman Robert Ridge while out deer hunting on the afternoon of 4 September.

Ridge caught sight of a small partially-covered brown rock lying in the Cedar Hill desert sands, which he discovered had an embossed design on one face after he’d picked it up and dusted it down.

Curious about the strange artefact he’d discovered along the suspected crash trajectory of the Roswell UFOs, Ridge put it in his pocket and took it home for further investigation.

Over time he observed the rock exhibited strange magnetic qualities, with a strong field emanating from somewhere inside it, and on coming into magnetic contact it would slowly revolve in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction depending on which pole was being manipulated. Even more strangely, the rock would also somehow remain in physical contact with his hand after it had been held in a vertical orientation.

But perhaps an even more surprising feature of the artefact is the design embossed on one of its faces, which is an exact replica of a crop formation feature that had appeared in a field near Swindon’s Liddington Castle almost a decade before the rock’s discovery.

On 2 August 1996 a pilot and his passenger spotted a formation as they flew over the field twice within a half-hour period. During their first passage across the corn field it exhibited nothing strange at all, however when they flew over it again shortly afterwards the mysterious formation had inexplicably appeared.

Investigators carried out extensive studies on the feature and eventually came to the conclusion it was not only a genuine example of the phenomenon but a near-perfect formation, which upon further investigation was later identified as an identical match to a scaled-up version of the design embossed on the Roswell Rock.

About 1.5 inches thick and two inches wide, the rock is roughly triangular in shape with the design protruding above its surface on one face. Skeptics argue it is either some elaborate hoax or a strange anomaly that has somehow become sensitive to magnetism.

Studies of the stone have determined it was not native to Cedar Hill, where the predominant rock is limestone. Further investigation also determined it was of considerable age and completely solid, with no internal cavities where a small magnet could be inserted. The bevelling on the design is microscopically clear and well-defined, which suggests some advanced laser cutting tool created it.

Scientific studies on the rock and crop formation suggest both are genuine mysteries, which would involve a huge amount of effort and expense to create had they been the work of hoaxers.

While many formations are believed to hide deeper mathematical connections to Roswell, there is little doubt that all the geometric features appear to contain incredible scientific data that warrants in-depth analysis.

Some of the anomalies that occur within the vicinity of crop formations also include a measurably strong magnetic field in and around them, plus weird radioactive readings which fluctuate up and down. According to our laws of physics, these fluctuations are seen as an impossibility since radiation is supposed to be a constant, forming the basis for it being used for carbon-dating ancient artefacts.

Genuine crop features also seem to incorporate grasses in several layers within the design, the bottom layers often flowing in one direction while layers above go in completely the opposite direction. Designs have also been identified where the crops appear to be delicately braided together.

Other anomalies include the appearance of thin metallic disks, about the size of an American quarter, being found in some formations, which when analysed appear to be composed of a combination of titanium, silicone and oxygen that seem to have no industrial match on this planet.

Amazingly when the disks are brought into contact with other metal objects, such as tweezers, they incredibly turn into a clear liquid, perhaps as a result of the metal grounding and dissipating an electrical charge from the disk, which allows it to return to its natural liquid state.

Although formations crop up all around the planet, the majority, more than 80 per cent in fact, seem to be associated with prehistoric sites in England, such as Stonehenge, and demonstrate many universal laws based on Euclidean geometry with measurements relating to musical scales; electrical circuits; DNA strands and genetics; hyper-dimensional physics; solar systems and asteroid trajectories; and ancient symbols located in such places as the Egyptian pyramids, as well as Mayan and Aztec temples.

Ironically, these universal laws form an almost exact duplicate of the kind of information that was sent out as part of the United States’ initiative to contact other beings via the Voyager spacecraft programme.

A high proportion of crop formations also appear to represent two-dimensional schematics of what could be interpreted as three-dimensional objects that may be blueprints for advanced technology and even propulsion systems for extraterrestrial spacecraft.

And, as with the 2002 Crabwood formation, a number of features appear to contain ASCII binary code, with a 2011 Italian formation standing out.

Discovered in a field in Poirino about 12 miles southeast of Turin, where the famous Christ Shroud is kept, the area is another renowned for the crop-circle phenomenon.

On 20 June a seven-petal formation was discovered with a seven-pointed star around a ring at its centre. The petals were divided by seven straight lines of dark (standing crops) and light (flattened crops) patterns comprised of seven circles.

This section of the Poirino formation appeared to contain the binary-coded words “Enki Ea” which researchers took as being a reference to Enki, the Sumerian god of water, knowledge, crafts and creation who was one of the Anunnaki deities revered by the ancient Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, Armenians and Babylonians.

According to the ancient Sumerian texts it was Enki who created humankind as a slave race to work in the mines the Anunnaki worked to extract gold. The same texts also talk of their home world being the planet Nibiru, which is supposed to orbit our sun on a 3,600-year cycle that takes it way out to the fringes of our solar system before it swings back to pass in close proximity to the sun.

According to many researchers Nibiru’s passage close to the Earth is believed to have a profound effect on our planet, bringing earthquakes, tsunamis and dramatic climate change.

Said to be a body about 10 times the size of the Earth, some researchers believe this celestial object is currently on a path back towards our planet, with many having expected it to pass closest to the Earth in 2012, the year after the Poirino formation appeared.

So far concrete evidence of a huge planetary body moving towards the Earth has not transpired but even NASA has come forward with claims it is aware of the likely existence of another planet in our solar system whose orbit extends out beyond Neptune and Uranus.

Could the Poirino formation represent some kind of warning about Nibiru’s proximity to the Earth?

It’s appearance came exactly seven days after a six-petal design had also appeared in a nearby Poirino field on 13 June, this time the petal formation had a 12-pointed central star and six rings dotted with various small circle patterns incorporated into it which appeared to represent a six-month and 29-day lunar calendar.

Perhaps the two features together contained information for humanity to be able to better determine the expected timeline for Nibiru’s passage of the Earth? And, who knows, maybe the formations depicting blueprints could be schematics for advanced technology to help mankind develop spaceships to avoid the worst effects of Nibiru’s passage close to our home planet?

Given the frenzy that erupted in some circles at the prospect that 2012 could unleash a terrible catastrophe on the Earth, perhaps the appearance of the Poirino formations was some kind of weird hoax… but by whom? The complexity of the designs is so mind-boggling that only well-funded scientific or intelligence agencies would be able to produce them… could it all be part of an elaborate false-flag alien-invasion hoax?

Having examined pictures of many of the crop formations while researching this series of articles, my conclusion is that there would seem to be only two possible explanations for their existence… firstly, they are the work of extraterrestrial entities who have been visiting our planet since before our creation, or that they are being created by heavily-financed terrestrial agencies with some form of alien agenda motivating their actions… either way, I’d love to witness the creation of one of these incredible geometric phenomenons… they truly are amazing!


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