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It Is What It Is

We are imperfect humans in an imperfect world.

By Aabusad PathanPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

In some situations, we need to let go of perfection and accept that there are many incomplete pieces in our lives. And it is what it is, one of the mantra sentences to reduce feelings of disappointment when we are faced with a situation that is not according to our wishes.

In some dreams, there may be times when we choose to stop, not because we can’t walk to that place, but because there are several reasons that make us choose to stop.

I believe that all events have a reason, but sometimes there are some events that we don’t need to know the reason for. It’s not a matter of time or because we can’t achieve it. Because it could be that the thing we want to achieve is not the best thing for us, but other things are waiting for us to achieve it. Or maybe it’s not time yet, because we are directed to solve more important things first.

Be patient and believe in whatever the goal is. Well because if one door closes, another door will open. Opportunities are waiting for us to walk towards them.

Accepting or being sincere is not an easy thing but when we are sincere about whatever we experience, we can be more calm in living our lives.

There are times when I experience pain or am facing trials, I don’t understand what I’m doing so why do I get that pain? My thoughts became chaotic and uncontrollable. For example, when I hope to get the job I want, but I fail to get it. Or when I have feelings for someone but he doesn’t show his feelings for me back at all and some actions or words make me hurt. And that I feel I have tried my best to get what I want.

But the more I looked into the answer, the more difficult it became for me to find it, and finally, I got to the point where I tried to accept all the pain.

I accept failure for the dreams I strive for.

I accept the love that I have not received.

At least I managed to try, trying to walk to that destination, even though it turned out I had to turn around and change my destination.

I learned that we should not regret whatever happens, and shouldn’t look for reasons to blame ourselves. At least we have tried, and leave the best results to God.

Even though we will be sad at first before we reach the point of acceptance, we have to permit ourselves to feel whatever we feel.

Letting go of what is going to be let go, without saying no should. It’s okay to feel what we feel now, sad, disappointed, whatever it is. Our feelings are not wrong.

If it happens, it will happen. It is what it is. I’ll deal with it when I have to.

There’s nothing to force, just appreciate the good things in life, don’t focus on problems so that we become stressed because the more likely it is that our thoughts will become a priority there.

So focus on what we receive, what results we achieve from our efforts, and focus on what we can be grateful for in this life. God always has a way for us to smile wherever we are, wherever we stand, and wherever we can continue to bloom.

Hopefully, we can continue our journey, accepting whatever is beyond our control, because it is what it is. We just have to keep going to face whatever happens with sincere acceptance, and we will find the joy of gratitude.

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  • Charlene Ann Mildred Barroga2 months ago

    Your insights of acceptance and resilience in the midst of life's uncertainties provide a profound perspective, encouraging us to embrace the path with sincerity and thankfulness.

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