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Discover the beauty of nature

I have found countless beauty in life, and there are so many beautiful mysteries in nature if we pay attention and open our eyes to them.

By NatalieMarmolPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Discover the beauty of nature
Photo by v2osk on Unsplash

I have found countless beauty in life, and there are so many beautiful mysteries in nature if we pay attention and open our eyes to them.

Nature has many new wonders. I often find that as long as the weather is hot and muggy, I will find many small ants swarming in and out of the garden, and I am determined to study the wonders of these busy little ants.

One time, when I was having fun in the garden, I noticed that a group of ants came to the top of a big rock and talked to each other as if they were discussing something important. One small and "ordered", followed by a group of small ants hurriedly gathered on top of the boulder to "meet" and discuss something. After a while, one of the larger ants gurgled and seemed to be saying something to the others. I thought, "This one must be the king, otherwise, how can those little ants obey orders so well?" But why did they go away again? There must be some mystery! I must know the mystery inside! After five or six minutes, my legs began to numb, and when I was about to leave, I saw a group of small ants moving the "food" under the stone to a higher place. I don't understand why we have to move the "food" from our home.

The swarm of ants moved all the food to other high places. After about four minutes, the ant king started to order something again, and I saw all the little ants throwing away their things and running as fast as they could to a high hole. I sat on the ground and looked up. At that moment, the sky began to turn dark and dusky, and the sun was going down, so I thought I'd better go back! But I have not yet discovered the mystery, no I have to continue to perceive.

I went to the side and picked a small lotus leaf and put it next to the ants to see if they would take it to protect their food! The little ants came out and saw that the sky was dark and cloudy and that there was a lotus leaf next to them. The little ant ran into the hole again and called many little ants to move the lotus leaf. However, they could not move it. I thought, "The little ants will give up, how can they move such a big leaf?" What I didn't expect was that the little ant king called many little ants from every household to "join the war". Thousands of little ants started to act. I saw a group of little ants walking to the edge of the lotus leaf, and one little ant seemed to say to all the little ants, "I have a good idea, we can bite the lotus leaf into small pieces, isn't it good?" The other little ants listened and climbed onto the lotus leaf to bite it. After about five minutes of biting, the lotus leaf was still not bitten off, so the little ants kept biting and biting to move small pieces of the lotus leaf into their holes to cover their food.

It was about 4:30 and I wanted to leave, but it was too much fun to watch. I said to myself, "Let's wait a few more minutes!" After a while, the little ants went back to their holes in a hurry. Suddenly, it was raining heavily, so I picked a big lotus leaf and put it on top of my head to cover the rain, and when I looked outside the hole, the ants didn't move much, so I left reluctantly.

From this time I discovered the wonders of small animals in nature. Not only did the little ants notice the weather, but they also kept moving to higher ground. It's going to rain soon! This time, I learned a lesson: small ants are better at detecting the weather than we humans are, and they are also strong and resilient!


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