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Where is my food and water

By Rio slothPublished 9 months ago 3 min read
photo by willian-justen on unsplash

The world is really Beautiful and also has many seasons.

But I have never seen it before.

All I could see were the sea-like sand dunes and the blazing sun.

I am jealous of the places where you live. I also wish to live in a place like yours.

Camels, scorpions, and snakes all have a body structure suitable for living in the desert. But humans are fighting for life and death every day in the desert.

We wander everywhere for water.

Many people die in the desert without food to eat or water to drink. On the other hand, people also die due to heatstroke. People wander like nomads in search of water every day without food, water to drink and shelter to live in. All the legs ache from searching for water. You're so Lucky you have easy access to water.

I don't know if you like rain. But I have been waiting for that rain in this desert. I don't know if that rain will quench my thirst, But it makes me happy.

If we want to know about a thing, only those who are longing for that thing can give us the correct explanation. For example, by going to those who do not have a mother, we can understand the beauty of mother. Similarly, ask us who have never seen water and we will tell you about the beauty of rain.

The thought of seeing rain at least once in life comes to mind. But I don't know if this wish will come true or just a dream. Every morning when we wake up, we think that our lives will change today. But the lives of people like us have not changed yet. Every day our lives are spent searching for food and water.

We also want to live like you but everything we think doesn't happen.

Will the desert where I have become as prosperous as where you are?

Will I see the trees and the birds that live on them?

When will the status of people like us change?

When will that day come?

So many questions appear in me. I believe that one day spring will come in the lives of people like us. On that day our lives will become beautiful like yours.

We will also farm like you where we live. We also raise goats, cows and domestic animals. Our lands are also green as far as the eye can see. All the flowers will bloom. All the birds chirp from the treetops and make beautiful sounds. Perpetual waters will flow through our lands. More people will come and live in our lands too. All my life I have been waiting for that one wonderful day when we all get drenched in the rain. I prays to God every day that this desire will be fulfilled. But I don't know when this will happen.

Your life is already as beautiful as I prayed. You are lucky you have easy access to food, water and shelter unlike us. So never waste food and water. Remember that the food and water you waste is not yours, it was created by God to satisfy someone's hunger.

Too many people die every year without food and water. So remember people like us before wasting food and water. If you want to know the beauty of food, go without food for a day, and then you will know its beauty.

Don't waste water just because you have money. One day even money can become trash if there is no water in this world.

Save water, Save lives.


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