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By uff nayenPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
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"And, look at our condition - stomach is thin, bones are visible, limp, teeth are out - tongue is hanging - constantly calling out, 'Meo! Meow! Can't eat!'- Don't hate our black skin! We have some rights in the fish flesh of this world. Give me to eat - otherwise I will steal. Don't you feel sorry for our dark skin, dry mouth, weak meow meow? There is a penalty for thieves, is there no penalty for dishonesty? There is a penalty for collecting food for the poor, why is there no penalty for the rich? You are bright-eyed, far-seeing, why not afingkhor, can't you also see that the poor become thieves because of the rich? Why should one person collect food for five hundred people by depriving five hundred poor people? If he did, then why not give what he eats to the poor? If he does not give, the poor will certainly steal from him'; Why not, no one came to this world to starve to death."

I could not bear it anymore and said, "Stop! Stop Marjaparandit! Your words are very socialist! The root of social chaos! If he cannot save as much wealth as he has the power, or if he cannot save and enjoy the thief's anger, then no one will care about saving money. It will not increase the wealth of the society.”

Marjjar said, "If not, what about me? Wealth growth of the society means wealth growth of the rich. If the wealth of the rich does not increase, what is the harm to the poor?"

I explained that, "There is no progress in society without the growth of social wealth." The cat angrily said, "If I can't eat, what will I do to improve society?"

The cat had to understand. No one can explain anything to the judge or judge, Kasmin, Kale. This Marja is a just judge, and also a logician, so it has the right to not understand. Therefore, without getting angry, I said, "If the poor are not needed for the development of the society, they may not be there, but the rich have a special need, so the punishment of the thief is a duty."

Marjjari Mahashya said, "Hang the thief, I have no objection to that either, but make one more rule with him." The judge who sentences the thief will first fast for three days. If he does not want to steal and eat, then he will easily hang the thief. You raised the stick to kill me, you should fast for three days from today. If you are not already caught in Nasiram Babu's storehouse, then beat me up, I won't mind.”

It is like a wise man who, when defeated in judgment, gives solemn advice. I said to Marjjar according to the tradition that, "These are very unethical words, there is sin in its movement as well." You give up all these worries and focus on Dharmacharana. If you want, I can give you Newman and Parker books for reading. And reading Kamalakanta's book can be of some benefit - and whether or not something happens, one can understand the infinite glory of opium. Go home immediately, Prasanna has said that she will give some chicks tomorrow. Don't eat anyone else's pot today; Rather, if you are absolutely impatient with hunger, then come again, I will give you a mustard drink.”

Marjjar said, "There is no special need for opium, but eating pot can be considered according to appetite."

Marja said goodbye. A fallen soul from the darkness to the light, Kamalakanta's great joy!

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