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Beer Store Rules Are Changing In Ontario. Why Now?

Ontario Premier like all politicians works for the people. The idea is simple, ‘Make the decision for the better welfare and interest of the jurisdiction that elected you.’

By Dave WettlauferPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
Beer Store in Ontario By Author

Here Is One Case Of Many That Are Concerning.

Ontario Premier like all politicians surprisingly enough, works for the people. The idea is simple, ‘Decide on the better welfare and interest of the jurisdiction that elected you.’ And not, for personal gain.

For people that are not aware, in Ontario, Canada there is a brick-and-mortar store called the Beer Store. Your assumption is correct. They only sell Beer and nothing but.

They were at one time the only place to buy that fine popular Canadian beverage 'brown pop we called back in my day.'

A previous leader ventured out and legalized the selling of beer outside of the Beer store, which was a big move, however, it turned to a selected few like American big box stores.

That part I never understood, the subtitle of this story says it all ‘for the best interest of the people who elected you,’

Now the Beer store rules are once again, being changed. Small variety chain stores will now be able to sell Canada's best sellers. But being it's not carved in stone, chances are with the current Ontario political leaders, they will be the bigger name brand variety stores and again you guessed it, probably American-owned variety Store outlets.

And still again, I never understood why Canada's politicians are never for the better welfare of the Canadian people. But we will have beer in corner stores and we'll see if I am correct in my assumption.

I have to apologize for the US Canada comparison, but it is not a crime to want better for your country of origin. Trump says ‘Make America Great’ and I say the same for wanting the best for Canada. But I get sidetracked and this is not part of my story and now back to my original intent.

Now that the beer ruling is being changed like there flipping a coin in the back room,

My question now is, ‘Is it too late to re-organize the beer store and or its sales in Ontario?’ We are undoubtedly living in different times today. Recycling environmental concerns are upfront and personal in every aspect of daily living, why is making changes to a company that boasts a recycling average of 90 present recycling efficiency when recycling anything is a major issue in today’s changing climate?

I believe the Ontario Premier is making these modifications for many political reasons, but this is only my evaluation and, one reason that I will share. 'It’s because I can’… and, ‘Wag The Dog Syndrome” is back in play every time there is a political debate that smells.

By Manny Becerra on Unsplash

Beer Is Now Being Sold In Your MA and Pop Corner Stores.

Did I mention I disliked Beer Story having a monopoly on the sale of my favorite brew? But as I mentioned in this day and age it is highly recommended we stay the coerce.… Why? … Because, being they had control of beer sales they also had the bragging rights to all beer bottles, wine bottles, and cans that come back for recycling.

If the individual stores selling brew whether you put a 10 cent extra on top of the premium price of the beer or not, the empties will still end up going in landfill.

And that in my mind defeats the purpose of trying to save this planet, even though it is ‘one small step at a time

Most leaders show no care for the power and consequences they hold.

Beer Store Rules are changing in Ontario … Is the ‘Why Now’ question because of the wag the dog scenario? Again I bring that saying up because it always comes down to that fact. Watch the movie and you will agree.

Photo by Wikipedia Commons

As a want-a-be political leader, you cannot please everyone, that’s a given. But through the years I have seen many political parties and leaders come and go and in most times, power and control seem to set in like a bad cold.

Politicians must take a night course on how to get what you want when you want it, and how you want it. Change the rules that do not apply and add the ones that do.

I dislike a monopoly on anything, whether it is the beer store in question or, the Walmart or Target Box chain store. The beer store monopoly was long overdue but, environmentally speaking, now would not be a good time to change because of recycling concerns.

That part I am stressing because climate change is real folks and we go out of our way to, go out of our way not to.

And adding my next bit of wisdom, It is not necessarily the glass bottles that were originally sand, but contributing to the landfill problem is the issue, and mining sand for producing glass is a costly endeavor.

But it all has to do with, environmental habits that should be a priority. We must all take global warming and climate change theme more seriously.

My Conclusion.

The Beer rule change has been well-received by many people and industries. I have not read any article short of mine that this could be a bad idea and, I’m still a beer drinker.

The part that probably upsets me most is, that many people do not care about recycling or how anything is sold, ‘if it’s cheap and convenient.’ That works for them. Point of interest; An offshore Country bets highly on our ‘outdated thinking.’

That part of the mentality is upsetting. But again, this story is only my opinion.

Thanks for reading my rant of the day.


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  • Jay Kantor2 months ago

    Hi 'D' ~ Why would anyone want to be a "Politician" of late? Buy-um-a Beer and wish us 'World Peace' Best 2/U 'J' in L.A.

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