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Are we finally going to outlaw chemtrail weather modification and cloud seeding?

Or at least admit it's going on

By Richelle Gerner, Rootbound HomesteadPublished about a month ago 3 min read

There are so many bills floating around that it's becoming impossible for the average person to keep track of them. We occasionally get surprised, like with this New Hampshire legislation prohibiting weather modification and atmospheric spraying.

To be clear, I'm not mocking the bill. This should play well on both sides of the aisle in a world where some people can't stop talking about useless "emissions" or pollution in our atmosphere. House Bill 1700 (HB1700):

"Establishes a regulatory process to prevent the intentional release of polluting emissions in the atmosphere and at ground level in New Hampshire, and provides penalties for violations. This measure compels state authorities and members of the public to report such violations to the Department of Environmental Services air resources division of compliance, and it requires New Hampshire county sheriffs to carry out the requirements."

What kind of emissions are they talking about here? Pollutant emissions that are intentionally released, such as cloud seeding, weather modification, excessive electromagnetic radio frequency, and microwave radiation.

"The general court finds that many atmospheric activities such as weather modification, stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI), solar radiation modification (SRM), and other forms of geoengineering, involving the intentional release of polluting emissions, harm human health and safety, the environment, agriculture, wildlife, aviation, state security, and the economy of the state of New Hampshire."

The measure addresses a genuine collection of situations without utilizing the actual term "chem-trails," which seems to trigger people. There is a lot of talk about spraying the atmosphere with substances to "screen the sun" in the collegate world right now. We know less about what that means than we did about the COV vaccines, so we can draw a solid assumption that it's neither safe nor effective without a lot more research.

Last year, Texas made history when state legislators considered amending the legislation to forbid the spraying of potentially hazardous aerosols in the atmosphere without first getting permission and conducting extensive chemical testing. This is a petition titled Stop Poisioning Our Families:


This is a petition to prohibit the continuation of aerosolized spraying without prior testing and the formalized approval of public representatives to ensure the safety of our families and our environment. We, the undersigned, are concerned Texas citizens who demand our State Legislators pass legislation to protect our families, pets, crops, water and environment from any and all negative side effects of County, State, Federal, Military, as well as any corporation, NGO or non-profit organization spraying of our sky.

The petition is ongoing, and it looks as if the above-stated citizens of Texas aren't giving up.

Plane shows a substance—either silver iodide or dry ice—being dumped onto the cloud, which then becomes a rain cloud. Photo credit: Naomi E Tesla / Wikipedia

Knowing that the agents or agencies likely to suggest doing such a thing (and getting paid for it) will attempt to "push it out anyway" in the absence of knowledge, research, or understanding, this New Hampshire law sounds like a good one.

To be honest, I'm not sure how far this bill will likely go.

There are factions attempting to disperse more chemicals in the air above us. They are not afraid to say so, and if we don't have any sense of transparency, limitations, or regulation, we may find ourselves susceptible to man-made atmospheric impacts with no recourse.

What do you think of cloudseeding, chemtrails, atmospheric spraying, and weather modification? Let me know in the comments below!


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