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A Tribute To Women - What the Hell is Botanical Sexism?

Females through giving life, feed humanity and make our world more beautiful!

By Annelise Lords Published 2 months ago 3 min read
Image by Annelise Lords

The food I bought at the market is possible because of the female trees.

Being a female comes with more fight for life. So much is expected of us and most of us give without thought. Fighting for equal rights in almost all areas of life including our bodies is frustrating. But for me, all this fight just made me stronger. Yesterday was International Women's Day to celebrate females. All of us add something to our world that improves it directly, or indirectly.

I couldn't understand why we give some much, yet so much is denied from us. So I played around on the internet and found out that even the female trees face sexism. They too face botanical sexism.

What the Hell is Botanical Sexism?

The term "botanical sexism" was introduced to many TikTok users thanks to a video that has been liked more than 450,000 times within the app.

The video claims that allergies and asthma across the United States got worse because landscapers thought male trees were easier to maintain than female trees. So they planted almost exclusively pollen-producing male trees, hence "botanical sexism."

More pollen means more allergies and more asthma attacks. My twin boys are asthmatics and one has allergy issues. They have been to death's door many times because of asthma. No mother should endure this. No humans should either.

"City planners who are mostly male decided that female trees are too messy. And so they planted overwhelmingly male trees that release pollen, but not enough female trees to absorb the pollen so we have more pollen floating around in the air than ever, which leads to increased allergies," TikToker @jaimalenehough0 said in her post on July 10, three days after Botoman's post. "But what everyone somehow forgets to add is that the reason female trees are messy is because they produce fruit.

The "Botanical Sexism" Theory On Male Trees Went Viral After It Was Posted On TikTok. Here's What…

Do cities really favor male trees over their female counterparts? Why? And what are the implications? As TikToker Ellie…

If female trees are messy, do these males still enjoy the fruits they give?

How can they discriminate against these female trees, yet are enjoying the fruits of their labor? Females trees are feeding

Human females clean up after males. The trees are teaching us something. Most males are in gardening and landscaping.

Trees contribute more to Earth and humanity than humans. We can't survive without trees. They can survive without us.

In my culture, we cut down male fruit trees. Jamaicans don't want trees on their property that contribute nothing to them by not bearing fruits.

If male trees release pollen and there aren't enough female trees to absorb it, why continue with something that harms the earth and humanity?

As males contributed to wars and the destruction of the earth they had to add sexism to botany. Women are life. Our presence on this earth is to give life and we give it through birth and food. We give so much, why are we fighting for equal rights? It should be handed to us on a platter.

What if we decided to stop giving life through birth and food? What if women decided to unite?

What else are they adding sexism to?

With our ability to reproduce we feed the earth, allowing life to go on.

Are they afraid of us? We have the power and choice of life, but most of us are unaware of it. Some don't know how to use it. Others use it to get ahead in life.

Our creator was thinking of balance when he created the earth and everything on it. He did it this way so that we all can survive together. But some humans want only their race to survive. - Annelise Lords

Are males afraid of balance? Because no human can stop balance.

What other areas of life sexism are allowed to roam rampant disabling humanity?

If males don't want females in every species to live and survive, then males will cease to exist and the earth probably will be happy. Trees and animals too.

We are Balance, whether we believe it or not. And when we deny balance it's chance, there will be war.

Humans with their nuclear weapons and AI, still can't beat Balance.

What the Hell is Botanical Sexism?

If your heart could speak, what would it say?

Women is life! Whether we are plants, animals, or humans.

Thank you for reading this piece. I hope you enjoy it.


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  • The Writer 2 months ago

    an eye opening piece nice one!

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