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The value of fish, from providing food to inspiring stories, is just one reason why protecting them and ensuring they remain abundant from generation to generation is so important. important.

By Ken aquariumsPublished 24 days ago 5 min read

I have always respected and appreciated folk culture. As a storyteller, my part

What I like best about telling stories is that they span time. I love it when two people come together

to exchange past experiences or seeds from their own imagination, and

The storytelling cycle goes on and on and on. Stories also have a special power to retain in the mind

remembered for many generations. These stories can illustrate the values ​​of literature

culturalize, teach the life lessons of previous generations and/or simply bring about

Interesting, funny that everyone can participate.

Member of the Roger Arliner Young (RAY) Marine Conservation Diversity Chapter

Fish Conservation Program at the Ocean Conservancy (working on fisheries policy and storytelling),

along with my constant search for stories to continue learning as a way

humble about the world, I sought to collect stories about funny fish, the

Stories from around the world to share with you.

Below are short folk tales or legends about fish species around the world


China – Koi fish: symbol of perseverance, power and strength

Chinese legend tells of the journey of a large school of Koi fish, which is a special type of fish

especially never give up. Shine brightly like polished gems

In the Yellow River, a school of Koi fish swam upstream together with all their strength


They swam against the strong current of the river and tried to get over a waterfall.

Some fish can't stand the challenge, so they turn around and leave the line

The river takes them back downstream. The gods witnessed their efforts and continued

raise the waterfall — more and more fish return downstream.

After a hundred years of swimming upstream, a Koi fish finally reached the top of the waterfall. You

God recognized the tenacity of this Koi fish and turned it into a golden, symbolic dragon

symbol of power and strength, so the waterfall is also called Dragon Gate


Brazil, Australia and Sub-Antarctica: Mermaids

One of the most familiar creatures in ocean fantasy, the mermaid

(or merfolk) appear in countless folk tales in many different countries.

From Amazonas, Brazil comes the story of a young indigenous warrior named Iara. Because of strength

Due to her strength and skills as a warrior, she is considered better than her brothers

herself and her brothers became jealous of her. One day, she learned that life

hers was threatened, so she ran to the Meeting Place of the Waters, the point of union

of the Rio Solimões (Amazon River) and the Rio Negro.

A hunter chased Iara and threw her into the river, however the fish saved Iara and

Turn her into a gorgeous mermaid. From that day forward, Iara attracted men equally

her beauty and voice, only to throw them into the river - just like when she was thrown into it

river on that fateful night. People on Amazonas still talk about seeing her

There along the banks of Rio Solimões.

The term Yawkyawk, meaning "young woman's soul", comes from the language

Kunwinjku/Kunwok - West Arnhem region in Australia. Yawkyawks are close-dwelling creatures

freshwater streams and it is said that they have fish tails and long hair

like blooming algae. Yawkyawks are sometimes depicted by artists in

visual arts.

Ningen is an aquatic creature in modern folklore. Derived from the

online forums in the mid-2000s, Japanese sailors and fishermen recall

witnessed a large, white, bulbous creature roaming the waters of the vicinity

Antarctic. The name “Ningen” is said to be derived from the term “ningyo”, which means “fish

human fish, a mermaid-like creature in traditional folklore


Zambia and Namibia: Why don't hippos eat fish?

Folk tales in these African countries tell of a hippopotamus and the Creator

created it there was a compromise. Initially, the creator intended hippos to live on land, however

naturally due to the desire to soak in cool water and soothe dry skin

In his tribe, a hippopotamus asked its creator for permission to live on water.

The Creator and other aquatic animals were very worried that the hippopotamus would eat all the fish

with its giant mouth. The hippopotamus promised to eat only plants and never eat

any fish. And then the creator agreed and allowed hippos to live in the water.

To this day, hippos use their feet to spread their dung to show off to their Creator

It turned out that there were no fish bones in its feces.

Always keep your promises is the meaning of this story.

Norway: The return of the golden ring

This Norwegian legend is a variation of the popular story about the lost golden ring

lost, the story also includes other countries such as India, Italy and Korea.

A merchant and his wife worked hard on the farm in a village named

Klauva and vowed never to be poor. One time, the wife had an argument with

a boatman after boatman thinks anyone can be

poor. The wife expressed that the loss of wealth could not have happened the same way

It's impossible to get back the gold ring she threw into the ocean right after saying that.

One day, a villager came to Klauva offering to sell fish. The wife bought a cod

large, and the villagers used knives to cut it open. A golden ring fell at her feet!

She was shocked to realize that it was the ring she had thrown into the sea a long time ago.

A few years later, the merchant and his wife moved out of Klauva as a result

the result of losing their good fortune.

What is the lesson? Luck can always change.

Menominee Ancestral Territory (Wisconsin and Michigan), United States: Clan

Chief, Elk and Catfish

In the traditional story of the Menominee people, an old chief had a vision

A school of catfish in the water. He told them about a moose

often come to the water's edge to eat grass.

The chief instructed the catfish to watch over the moose so they could attack together

peacock the moose and eat it together. Catfish agreed to his proposal.

Catfish swim scatteredly on the water surface. When the moose reached the water's edge, the chief stabbed

his spear into the moose's leg and the moose screamed in pain

painful. The elk saw the catfish around its feet, which the elk trampled

because they thought they were responsible for the spear.

This is why catfish heads are "flat" like you see them today - they never recover.

recovering after being stomped on the head by an elk.

There are a large number of stories about fish which is an indication of their importance

marine (and freshwater) areas around the world. The value of fish, from providing food for

to these inspirational stories, is just one reason why protecting them and ensuring

Ensuring they remain abundant from generation to generation is extremely important.


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Ken aquariums

Telling stories my heart needs to tell <3 life is a journey, not a competition

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