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32 years ago, American scientists conducted an experiment. 4 men and 4 women lived in the same room for 2 years. What was the result?

At present, within the scope of the universe that human science and technology can reach, we have to admit pessimistically that the earth is still our only home.

By 庆勋 张Published 6 months ago 6 min read

Human exploration of extraterrestrial civilization

Scientists from all over the world have never stopped exploring extraterrestrial civilizations, but the information they have obtained is very disappointing.

Although there are some terrestrial planets in the solar system, with the current scientific and technological capabilities of human beings, it is impossible to span those long distances of light years.

Later, scientists had to "choose generals from among the dwarfs", comprehensively considering multiple factors such as time and space distance, planetary ecology, etc., and focused on Mars, which is not too far away from the earth.

Because scientists have discovered that Mars has a thin atmosphere, a climate with four distinct seasons, rich geothermal energy, iron oxide and other metal rich minerals, and there are even a large number of easily minable ice blocks hidden underground on Mars' Antarctica.

All these provide the possibility for humans to immigrate to Mars and transform Mars. However, Mars has no oxygen.

With the continuous deterioration of the earth's ecological environment, especially the imminent problems such as global warming and melting glaciers, scientists who are worried about the future of human beings are very worried.

In order to find out the code of how to survive on Mars and other "livable" planets as soon as possible, American scientists conducted a large-scale experiment more than 30 years ago, which is the world-famous "Biosphere 2" experiment.

"Biosphere 2" experimental base

The scientific community refers to the part of the earth where life is active as the biosphere. The biosphere includes living organisms and the external environment in which they live, and the interaction between organisms and the environment forms a variety of different ecosystems.

Whether the earth's biosphere ecosystem can function normally is directly related to the survival and safety of human beings.

The scientific community defines the huge biosphere of the earth itself as the traditional "No. 1 biosphere".

At the same time, in order to better study the ecological imbalance, how to achieve the goal of human survival through effective scientific means.

In the 1980s, the United States began to spend 150 million US dollars to build a closed experimental base isolated from the world, and called it "Biosphere 2".

The "Biosphere 2" experimental base was built in the desert of Arizona, USA.

The main body is a glass building with a steel frame structure of about 1 hectare. The interior simulates a variety of ecosystems, including oceans, swamps, lakes, beaches, tropical rainforests, grasslands, and many animals.

In the envisioned "Biosphere 2", plants provide oxygen and nutrients for animals, animals provide carbon dioxide for plants, and microorganisms in the soil can decompose the dead bodies and excrement of animals and plants. This continuous cycle can maintain the relative stability of the ecosystem.

4 men and 4 women participated in the experiment

The reason why the United States has invested heavily in this seemingly crazy experiment is actually mainly to simulate the Martian environment in the desert.

If human beings can survive normally in the "Biosphere 2" experiment, it will be just around the corner to immigrate to Mars and other outer space planets in the future.

In September 1991, after the construction of the experimental base was completed, the United States recruited 8 experimenters from scientific researchers in various fields, consisting of 4 men and 4 women, to officially enter Biosphere 2 and start a 2-year confined space survival experiment.

According to the plan, these 8 experimenters must live in it for 2 years. Their main tasks during this period are, on the one hand, to conduct scientific research and record relevant data on various ecosystems in the biosphere according to their scientific research fields;

On the other hand, self-sufficient survival experiments in a closed environment for human beings are carried out. In the experimental base, food, water and all living materials need to be obtained by themselves, and they cannot contact the outside world.

difficult experimental process

At that time, the "Biosphere 2" scientific experiment attracted worldwide attention. However, the experimental results were not ideal.

In fact, at the very beginning of the experiment, some of the scientific researchers who entered it accidentally broke their fingers, and there were no suitable medical conditions and facilities inside, so they had to go to the outside world for medical treatment.

This seems to be a bad start, and it also bodes well for the final result of the experiment.

After more than a year of experimentation, a series of chemical reactions took place between the carbon in the soil in the airtight cabin, the oxygen in the greenhouse, and the calcium in the building materials, which caused the oxygen content in "Biosphere 2" to drop from 21% to 14%. .

As the oxygen content continues to decrease, the carbon dioxide continues to increase. In order to complete the experiment, these experimenters had to go on a diet, eat less plants, and let them grow freely, so as to provide them with the oxygen necessary for survival.

But no matter how hard you try, the oxygen content inside still doesn't improve. At this time, some people have already experienced symptoms of dyspnea.

The experimenters had to seek help from the outside world. In order to ensure the safety of the experimenters, the experiment monitoring agency began to transmit the oxygen necessary for survival to the "Biosphere 2" base.

In this way, through a "cheating" behavior, the internal oxygen problem was resolved. However, due to the unbalanced climate control in the base, the grain harvest failed in the second year, and the experimenters had to eat seeds to survive.

In this isolated environment where there was no food to eat and life was in danger at any time, fierce quarrels and huge differences occurred among the eight experimenters.

Two of the experimenters didn't want to continue to live this kind of life anymore, so they smashed the gate of the experimental base recklessly and ran out.

In the end, the United States had to end the experiment early, and these experimenters stayed in it for a total of 21 months.

When they came out, people were simply shocked by their status quo. I saw that they were all skinny, listless, and their mental state was on the verge of collapse, and they were completely different from before they moved in.

It is worth mentioning that when the "Biosphere 2" was in its third year of operation, the carbon monoxide content in the cabin rose to 79%, which was enough to poison people.

Experimental results

In this experiment, the researchers found that the ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the "Biosphere 2" could not reach a balance on its own, and the cement buildings in the base also affected the normal carbon cycle.

In addition, due to the absence of decomposers, most animals and plants cannot grow and reproduce normally.

In the end, the United States had to regretfully announce the failure of the "Biosphere 2" experiment.

This once again proves to the world that under the current scientific and technological conditions, human beings have no way to simulate an independent living space similar to the earth, and the earth is still the only place on which human beings live.

Protecting the earth's ecological environment and caring for our common home is the responsibility of each of us.

Because in the vast universe at present, only the earth is the only place for us to live!


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