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My 50 Word Critique on Spiderman

By TANIKA SMITH WHEATLEYPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
My 50 word critique on Spiderman

NOTE: I know what I like, and I don’t like, but I usually prefer to give positive feedback and be encouraging because all artists weave their own special magic – so in this scenario, I decided to attempt a negative criticism…

ALSO NOTE: I have actually enjoyed all the Spiderman movies – but here goes - my 50 word bad critic below…

Spiderman – spider boy, more like it – how does one remotely imagine a feasible story about a kid being bitten by a spider taking on the abilities of such a grotesque creature and weave around the city on a web solving crimes and catching crooks – not a convincing character at all.


About the critic: I used to be afraid of spiders, until I was bitten by one and ended up fighting for my life at the Intensive Care Unit – the doctor informed me that I would always have the enzyme of the spider now, and now, I’ve noticed, spiders are afraid of me…

Spiderwoman (me) noticed a large spider in it’s web in my garden (probably waiting for insects to be ensnared) seemingly enjoying the night – my first impulse was to get rid of it, but I decided to bring a chair close instead and every night, weather permitting, we’ve been enjoying some cool calm quiet time under the stars together…


About the Creator


When I was a child, I would wake up in the night because of nightmares. As time went on, I realized that I was looking forward to my dreams. Now, I write them, among other stories as well.....

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