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See The Picture For What It Is

Do Not Lie To Yourself To Feel Better

By Mariann CarrollPublished 30 days ago Updated 29 days ago 3 min read
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Let’s talk about shattered pictures of Love or Let me reiterate that, the illusion we paint on false love.

Real love do not need to be fake until they make it. That’s not going to happen. You are setting yourself up for heart ache and pain. This goes for men and women.

See the person for what he or she is. Do not paint them for what you want them to be. Illusions are not real and tangible.

We all want to love and be love. Loving the wrong person can be a disaster waiting to happen. Take it slow. It takes a seconds for some to fall in love.

Some who has their heart broken, know what I am talking about. Do not rush love.

Love should be timeless. No inspiration date. Love is healthy acceptance and healthy compromises. If you are constantly lusting after one another their are no time to grow lasting love. Moderation is the key or you will burn yourself out.

I love this movie, War Of The Roses. It’s hilarious to watched this movie but actually living that life is not funny at all. I think they both try to change each other but in the process ended up hating one another.

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Some passion get out of hand. What I am trying to say. If you asked me, take your time. Do not plunge in a relationship. Do not commit until you are really sure.

Some people want to experience everything in a relationship right away. Peel it slowly is my advice. You discover a lot of things if you go slow.

Do not be impatient in getting to third base when you have not tried first base. Cutting the field is not going to get you home run to happiness. Not everyone can be lucky in love so eat your cake slowly. It’s easier to digest and easier to enjoy each texture experience. You don’t want to choke.

This is my advice on people who want to discover love. Explore it like you are going hiking. Love is certainly not a marathon unless you are a playboy or a playgirl.

A person who want to be with you, will not drop like flies. They will do anything to get to know you.

You can also scare a pontential love interest if you come across to aggressive in your pursuit. The best foundation for a relationship is getting to know a person you like by being their friend first. The best lovers are the ones who can be trusted friend.

If you are having issue with some disagreements and you both just put it under the rug to solve it, that’s a great red flag. Resentment will set in soon after. Solve disagreement where both parties will not have any resentment.

Be clear of your boundaries with one another. Let one another know what you will and will not tolerate from the start and stick to it to avoid resentment.

The most important of all. Know yourself first before getting in a serious committed relationship. Know what makes you happy first. If you do not know what will make you happy than you will never find the right relationship that will fit you.

There is no perfect relationship, there will be butting heads but if you both understand yourself and each other you can find away to live with each other. Never try to change the other person because that’s just waiting for disaster to happen.

Always asked and never assume. It’s best to find out you are uncompatible on the first three dates than seven years into the relationship.

Best wishes to all who are looking for love out there. May love find you at the right time.

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Mariann Carroll

Proactive for positive change.Born in the City of Chicago ,Illinois.

Multi race .Studied in a foreign country .Fluent in several languages .

fascinated by diversity.A Romantic and a dreamer.Interest in healthy living

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  • JBaz19 days ago

    I really enjoyed how you wrote this. Not preaching but actual good, sound advice form someone who has lived through the ups and the downs

  • Tiffany Gordon 22 days ago

    Great advice!!!!

  • L.C. Schäfer22 days ago

    Slow is best. There is delight in discovery of each layer. People who are hellbent on a finish line aren't smelling the roses along the way. ,😌

  • Friends first is what I had with my husband. We have been together now for 24 years.❤️

  • Shirley Belk29 days ago

    Agree with Dharr! And you are spot on in regard to the movie, "War of the Roses" and it not being funny in reality.

  • Ameer Bibi29 days ago

    Your story advises us to take it slow in love, understand each other, and communicate openly. It reminds us that rushing into relationships or trying to change someone can lead to disaster. It's a reminder to prioritize compatibility and self-awareness in love. well-done

  • These are all sage advice! Many people would definitely benefit from this.

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