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Red Queen


By Mark GrahamPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
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"Red Queen' is a novel written by Victoria Aveyard. This is a futuristic fantasy story of two worlds one the comprises of people known as 'Reds' and the other 'Silvers'. The Reds are poor and the Silvers are rich. One day the main character of Mare is chosen somehow to work for the Silvers and many things start happen. This is a story that could define loyalty to family and friends and the desire to help in any way one can.

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Mark Graham

I am a person who really likes to read and write and to share what I learned with all my education. My page will mainly be book reviews and critiques of old and new books that I have read and will read. There will also be other bits, too.

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  • Brin J.2 months ago

    I've yet to read this series, but I follow Victoria on TikTok and I love her content. She's truly an inspiration to me to become a writer. Her debut novel took off! I'm under no delusions that could happen to me, but I adore her! Anyway, great review! Gives me another reason to read it. <3

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