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Navigating the Storm: The Timeless Debate on India's Uniform Civil Code

"Explore the turbulence of time and the impulsive discussion surrounding India's Uniform Civil Code. Join the conversation on fostering a diverse yet equal culture. Here is my opinion about this imperative discussion.

By Bhavishya GoswamiPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

William Carlos famously said, "Time is a storm in which we are all lost." This quote fits with the timing and situation with which the Uniform Civil Code has been brought up into the limelight. It seemed an impetuous and nimble idea to prompt a heated discussion about UCC. The tenor of various religious leaders and politicians changed when the "Law Commission of India" announced to enlighten itself with the advice of all people of India regarding UCC.

This law code is appertaining to religious equality which is rooted in Article 44 of the Indian Constitution. The primary motivation for implementing it is to promote gender equality and eradicate discriminatory practices embedded in various personal laws. Well, the question that arises is that if the opinion full of credulity of the people of India will be able to provide a conclusion that would rein every religion in India. The timing and the overhyped nature of UCC are keeping many people intrigued as the 2024 elections are around the corner only. Previously, the namby-pampy nature of the Law Commission of India vis-a-vis UCC was only seen in vestiges.

However, this code should be implemented through a wide range of deliberation but only between its experts so that there remains no privation in the code concerning any further amendments. No religion should ingratiate itself as it will bring defiance from the others. And seeing the pace of implementation in the Judicial System of India, every cycle will have to be repeated then. Every citizen is implored to give credence to it with open arms to have a salubrious diverse but equal culture and also to showcase the pomp and pageantry of the real definition of the word 'secular' in our constitution.

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