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Magic and needles

Strange news from Pakistan!

By Umair Amjad KayaniPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Magic and needles
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Shazia, a resident of Karachi's Nachhoor Line, says that the reason for the needles in her fingers is the magic that was performed on her. Talking to Daily Jang, renowned orthopedic surgeon Mohammad Ali Shah said that I have done more than 70,000 operations so far, but I have not seen such an incident to date.

He said that according to Shazia, a needle stuck in her finger while washing clothes about a year ago, and she went to Civil Hospital to get it removed. The needle broke into three parts after entering the finger. The doctor was able to remove a piece of the needle and send it home. About a month later, Shazia's finger developed an infection, and she went to Jinnah Hospital, where the doctors were able to remove only one piece. In this struggle, Shazia's finger became crooked. About a month ago, Shazia complained of pain in her hand and went to the doctor and said, "Doctor, please remove my finger." He said, "I will fix your finger by performing an operation on you." She got ready, and after an X-ray, the needle stuck in the finger was removed, and the doctor also fixed the finger through a special operation.

A week after the operation, Shazia received a call that she had pain in her finger. The doctor called him, took an X-ray, and found that there was a needle in his finger. The doctor was very surprised, but he took out the needle and gave it to Shazia's mother. After three or four days of this operation, the call came again, and the doctor called her, took an X-ray, and found that there was a needle inside. This time the doctor also made her mother stand in the operation theater, take out the needle in front of her, and give it to her. After this operation, Shazia was sent for an x-ray. When the x-ray came, the doctor was also shocked because there were two needles in her hand. Since the operation was done a short time ago, another operation was not possible. The next day, the doctor operated again and removed both needles, but two days later, he got a call again. Another x-ray was done, and this time it was found that there were three needles in the hand: two in the finger and one in the open space between the finger and thumb. After the doctor took out two needles, the plaster was applied in such a way that the tips of his fingers were visible.

After the X-ray report on Wednesday, it was found that Shazia no longer has needles in her hands. Shazia Mazhar Ali, while talking to the local newspaper, said that we have pledged allegiance to a religious saint. Those who have done this are jealous of you. The name of the elder is Javed Ismail. He said that the time is not suitable for all the operations that have been done so far. He said that I felt like someone was walking around me; even during the operation, I felt these people walking around me. I could not recognize the faces, but they were familiar. These people sometimes press on my wound, and sometimes they strangle my throat, which makes me stop breathing. On the day of the last operation, my brother talked to Javed Ismail on the mobile phone; he told me prayers and surah and said that the operation would be successful and no more needles would come out. Needles have been recovered from the hand.

If we study the history of sorcery, sorcery was performed on our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In addition, there was a period in France when sorcery was common and its punishment was death, people performed sorcery to take revenge on each other. They blamed each other.

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