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Israel Attacks Gaza As Region Is Alarmed by Serious Threat of Iran Attack

Israel pounds Gaza as Iran attack threat puts region on edge

By Gowsalya. S Published about a month ago β€’ 5 min read
Following months of battle, Israel withdrew its forces from Khan Yunis city last week.

  • Fearing that Iran would soon attack Israel, France advised its citizens not to travel to the region as truce talks to halt the six-month-old war continued.
  • Locals in central Gaza reported hearing heavy Israeli fire on Friday, and tensions in the region spiked as Iran threatened retaliation for an attack in Syria earlier this month that claimed the lives of two Iranian generals.
  • Fearing that Iran would soon attack Israel, France advised its citizens not to travel to the region as truce talks to halt the six-month-old war continued.
  • In Nusrat, central Gaza, Mohammed al-Raye's, 61, told AFP that he escaped Israeli "air strikes and artillery shelling" during the course of the night.
  • "It was all fire and destruction, with so many martyrs lying in the street," he stated.
  • Laila Nasser, 40, another resident, said she heard "shells and missiles" all night long.
  • Declaring that "they will do to Nusrat what they did to Khan Yunis," Nasser vowed to follow the majority of Gaza's people and escape to the southern city of Rafah.
  • After months of battle, Israel withdrew its forces from the damaged city of Khan Yunis last week. However, officials indicated that they were getting ready to launch operations against Hamas operatives in Rafah, which is close to the Egyptian border.
  • Numerous fresh airstrikes on Gaza's central region were reported by authorities on Friday, according to the coastal Palestinian territory ruled by Hamas.
  • 25 persons were hospitalized in Deir al-Bablah city "as a result of an air strike on a house of the al-Tabatibi family," according to the Hamas media office.

Syria launches strikes

  • The Israeli military reported that during the course of the preceding day, its planes had targeted over sixty Hamas agents in Gaza.
  • According to Israeli sources, 1,170 persons lost their lives in Hamas's unprecedented offensive against Israel on October 7, majority of them were civilians. This marked the start of the war.
  • The health ministry of Gaza reports that at least 33,634 Palestinians have died as a result of Israel's retaliatory offensive, the majority of whom were women and children. At least 89 deaths from the previous day were included in the ministry's updated toll released on Friday.
  • Following a devastating airstrike on April 1 that damaged Iran's consulate building in Damascus, Israel said that it was bolstering its air defenses and pausing leave for combat forces. This announcement coincided with the most recent bombardments in Gaza.

  • Iran placed the responsibility on Israel, its fiercest ally, for intensifying its attacks on sites in Syria connected to Iran since the start of the Gaza War.
  • Hezbollah fighters from Lebanon have been among the targets in Syria. Since October, the group and Israel have engaged in frequent and deadly gunfire over the border with Lebanon.
  • German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, together with her British and Australian counterparts, called Hossein Amir-Abdollahian of Iran late on Thursday, the minister said.

"Most important assault"

  • The Iranian minister wrote on X that he had informed them that "legitimate a necessity" "when the Zionist regime breaches the immunity of diplomatic persons and places" and the UN Security Council "fails to condemn it."
  • With that, he said, "Iran does not seek to expand the scope of the war."
  • Despite diplomatic tensions over Israel's military actions in Gaza, US President Joe Biden stated on Wednesday that Iran is "threatening to launch a significant attack on Israel" and vowed to provide Washington's key regional partner with "ironclad" backing.
  • According to the Pentagon, US Central Command chief General Michael Kurilla visited Israel on Thursday to speak with Defense Minister Yoav Gallant about the current state of affairs.

  • France issued a travel advisory to its citizens on Friday, cautioning them against visiting Iran, Israel, Lebanon, or the Palestinian territories. This came after the US embassy in Israel declared it would be limiting diplomatic travel due to security concerns.

  • Berlin and Moscow urged moderation.
  • Flights to and from Tehran have been temporarily suspended by German carrier Lufthansa till this Saturday.
  • About 250 hostages were taken by Hamas in their October attack; 129 of them are still in Gaza, 34 of whom the Israeli army claims are dead.
  • Netanyahu is under pressure from anti-government demonstrators and the relatives of the captives who want the government to release them. Netanyahu leads a coalition that includes religious and ultra-nationalist parties.

  • There are tens of thousands of people on the streets.
  • Hundreds of people protested in the vicinity of Netanyahu's Jerusalem home on Thursday night, but their message was to keep up the fight.

The father's argument

  • Itzik Buntzel, the father of Israeli soldier Amit Buntzel, who was murdered in Gaza, stated, "You, members of the cabinet, must state clearly that the fighting will not stop, that the IDF and our good sons will continue to crush the enemy until a complete victory."
  • Washington is putting further pressure on Netanyahu to accept a ceasefire, expand humanitarian supplies, and back out of preparations to send troops into Rafah.

  • According to Israeli Defense Minister Gallant, Israel will "flood Gaza with aid" on Wednesday, utilizing the Ashdod port, a crossing point inside Israel, expedited security procedures, and two additional routes arranged with Jordan.

  • But considering the scope of demands, the UN Security Council stated on Thursday that "more should be done to bring the required relief."

  • The UN claims that there will soon be a famine in Gaza, which has mostly been reduced to a bombed-out wasteland.

  • The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, reported that an assessment team that went to Khan Yunis discovered "destruction disproportionate to anything one can imagine" as well as three abandoned medical facilities.

  • There has been little progress on a plan put forth by US, Qatari, and Egyptian mediators, which Hamas claimed it was considering, since the truce talks began on Sunday in Cairo.
  • Under the framework plan, more aid would be delivered, hostages would be exchanged for hundreds of Palestinian inmates, and hostilities would be suspended for six weeks.
  • Israel charged on Thursday that Hamas was "walking away" from "a very reasonable offer on the table," according to government spokesman David Mencer.
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  • A truce is required, according to Bassem Naim of the Hamas political bureau, in order to find and rescue Israeli captives who are being held by different organizations around the region.

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