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I Think You Should Leave

A 50 word critique of the absurd

By Jay KobayashiPublished 8 months ago 1 min read

The phrase "What is happening?" best describes every sketch in this absurdist comedy series.

"If you know, you know." | Credit: I Think You Should Leave (Netflix)

It's infectious charm serves as a love language for the goofy, and as a warning sign for the awkward. Just be weary of your dropped jaws, for when you see something deep in the absurdly dumb.


About the Creator

Jay Kobayashi

A starving writer from LA who aspires to be plagiarized one day. I like to write about academic pieces that identifies philosophy and psychology in pop culture, and sometimes random fun pieces that interests me or the algorithm!

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  • Sarah urffer8 months ago

    This show is really oddly bizarre yet satisfying! I feel it’s like through the mind of a “non weird” viewer, thus portraying extraordinary over the top strangeness. The ghost bit is hilariously obscure and questionable at the same time. Oh where a mind may go.

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