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Dream Warrior


By Mark GrahamPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
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'Dream Warrior The Monster's Under Ben's Bed' is a children's book written by Nicole Chadwick and illustrated by Venessa Scott. Who to believe? We all have had this belief sometime during our childhoods. This is a picture book but also an early chapter book. It is a story of becoming and being friends between a girl named Kaley Lowe, Ben and his brother Jake. Kaley has a plan but Ben may have a trick up his sleeve as well. Kaley and Ben meet some friends and something funny happens. What could it be? The pictures are vivid and shows the emotions behind the words. There could be many questions that parents and teachers could ask such as 'Do any of you have a brother or sister at home like Jake?'

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Mark Graham

I am a person who really likes to read and write and to share what I learned. Also, I'm a person who likes to learn who has gone to college and graduate school and received my degrees and advanced degrees from education to nursing &clerical

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  • Rick Henry Christopher 2 months ago

    Very well written!!! Good job Mark!!!

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