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World of Yin


By SurumbarkuzhaliPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
World of Yin
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ou paved the way;

Decluttered the mess!

A white ball of healing energy is rising high & high,

brightening that space and mind with rays of love, peace, and happiness

Eyes sparkling just like the good old days; 

Enough trust in the process of retaining one's inner child!

Intuition the champ, sending a key for a deeper insight! 

Now my soul is light as a feather! 

Deep breathe!!!! 

World of Yin!

Yin or Yang?

What does it matter when you're living in this world of magic?!

Magic is everywhere;

All we need to do is believe.

Believe in ourselves, our friends, family, loved ones, all the people on this beautiful planet!

Believe that there is more than what meets the eye. Believe that the sky is the limit. Believe in us, in each other, and most importantly, in ourselves!

Yes, we are who we say we are!

We just have to hold on tight – don't let go.

Hold onto your dreams and never give up!

Because no dream is too big, only if they can be accomplished!


I am what I choose to be;

An angel from the skies.

My wings will bring me home

Where I belong.

"Take care," He said before leaving. "Don't forget about me!" His voice was shaking.

"Never!" I replied with conviction. I couldn't lose him now. I had everything planned out perfectly. The plan was put into action. And so far, things were going well. No one would know what happened. No evidence would be left behind. Only then, I could move forward with my life and live it to the fullest. I would be happy again.

I smiled at him and grabbed his hand. "There's nothing you can do for me right now. You'll find yourself soon enough. And when you do, I'm sure you'll remember how much I cared about you."

He smiled at me and nodded. As he turned away and left, I felt something change within me. A part of my soul died. But another piece was born inside me. That new piece wanted to be free and live like a normal person.

And I knew exactly what to do.


Letting go of the past is not easy, but necessary if you want to move forward. Otherwise, you'll be stuck in the same place forever. That's what I learned today. It took some time, but eventually, I finally got over it. Now I'm stronger and ready to face whatever comes my way.

I've been given a second chance at life. I won't waste any more of my time. I will make every moment count. I will live and enjoy it to its fullest.

It's time to move on.

It's time to fly!

The road ahead is still long, but it's worth it. My parents weren't able to see their grandchildren, their great-grandchildren, or even meet them, but that doesn't mean they're gone forever. They are still alive somewhere. I'm sure of it. And one day, they'll come back. We'll finally be reunited.

Until then, I'll keep walking towards my destiny. There's nothing else for me here anymore. So goodbye, my home. See you again someday.


She was gone. She'd left without saying anything. Just disappeared in the middle of the night. Not even her coat was left behind. All I found was a note written in a childish hand:

Dear Mother,

Please forgive me.

I'm sorry.


Your daughter,


She always did have that childish attitude. Always hiding in the shadows, never wanting to show herself. I've known Megan since she was a child. Her parents had moved here right after they were married. I was just a baby myself. I didn't even remember her mother. But I remembered everything about her father. He used to take me on walks, and feed me apples. I liked those walks. At first, I thought he was a strange man. But over time, I grew fond of him, and so did Megan. Once, he gave me an apple. It was the best apple I ever ate. Ever since then, I started to think that maybe he wasn't so bad after all.

But Megan…

No matter what I said, no matter what I tried, she refused to listen.

Sometimes, I wonder if it's because of what happened to her. Maybe that was the reason why she never had a proper childhood. I'm sure she had nightmares about it, but she wouldn't talk about it. On the other hand, her twin sister always talked about the good old times. Whenever I asked, Megan would get mad at me and call me stupid.

That's also when I realized something. The twins were not identical. Yes, they looked exactly the same. But Megan was different. She was more mature. More calm. She was always smiling and laughing. Even during the worst moments. And I hated her for that. I wished she would just cry and scream like her sister.

Then, one day, I heard a story about a girl, the same age as Megan, who ran away from home. After that, Megan became a little better. She went outside more often. She even started to smile more. I was happy for her. At least she was moving forward.

But one day, I saw her leaving. She was packing her bags. She was running away. When I asked her why, she said she was sick and tired of being treated like a kid and yelled at by her parents. She was done with it.

I didn't understand at all. How could she leave? She was supposed to grow up here! Where would she go? She had nowhere else to go.

I tried talking to her again, but she ignored me. Her eyes were filled with tears, and she kept looking down. I couldn't read her expression.

I saw her the next morning. She was already gone. I tried calling out to her, but she wouldn't turn around. I wanted to ask her where she was going, but instead, I walked silently and watched her disappear into the distance.

I cried for days. I still do sometimes.

I lost my friend.


I woke up and immediately understood what happened. Why I was here.

I closed my eyes and smiled.

Tears streamed down my cheeks.

Losing someone is hard.

But we must learn how to cope with it.

If we don't, we'll never be the same again.


"There are no coincidences in life.

Teenage years

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