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Wonderland of Canada

by Mariann Carroll 3 months ago in School
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School field trip of a lifetime


A Facebook friend was posting a trip about Wonderland and it brought back fun memories of my youth.

My mom was very strict but she give me permission to go on this class field trip. I was graduating 8th grade from my Catholic school name, Annunciation. The school is now closed down. I was very lucky to have a diverse classmates. We had classmates from all ethnicities; Spanish, Russia, Irish, Italian, Scottish, India, African American and Asian descents.

I was not very social back then cause, I forgot how to speak English. My classmates try to invite me to their group. I just felt ,I don’t belong in my mind. ( I have been moving back and forth from the USA where, I was born to my mother’s Country in Asia)

Let’s get back to my school field trip. Everyone was so excited, about it. Everyone brought their snacks with them on the trip and we shared our snacks with each other on the bus. That’s how ,I remember it.

Our school hired a Charter Bus to take us to Canada. It’s a over 2 hour drive to Toronto from where my school was at. We all met early in the morning at our school parking lot. We all needed to bring our birth certificate with us. I had a U.S.passport , so that was no worries.

Rick , my crush was from Canada. He is now an American Citizen. He joke he was going home. I thought ,I might insert that in.

We cross the Rainbow bridge ,this means we are 45 minutes away from arriving in Toronto Canada. Toronto is like the New York City of Canada.

We get to Nagara Falls , wow, what a sight to see. We get a Canada custom officer come on our bus and check our birth certificates and passports. Rick our classmate clown, joke to the officer. The officer give Rick a smile and joke back at him. Everyone laugh.

We finally cross the bridge , we pass thru a street that had a moving movie theater , Ripley’s Movies Theater. This street had a lot of fun building to look at.

( Here is a visual video of what I am talking about by Venture Lyfe)

Let get back on the bus to my field trip to Wonderland. We never made a pit stop at Clifton Hill ,Canada . We pass through.

We finally got to Wonderland Amusement park and our teachers put us in groups . We decided what rides we will go together in. They wanted to go on this wooden rolling coaster first. I thought the thing was going to come apart. They rode it again but not me. The place was exciting . My favorite ride was the rapid water ride.

It was time for lunch. Our school brought lunch for everyone. We prayed and ate together at the picnic table area.We talk with our group and decided what’s ,our next rides will be. We had a cool teacher name , Mr. Toppie, he look like Ben Afflick. He teached science . I honestly did not see any of our teachers ride the rides.

You can’t go to an amusement park without riding the bumper cars. The ride was so much from especially with your classmates . There were so many rides we went on but those are the rides ,I remember the most.

It was time to go back to New York. No one wanted to leave. The bus was buzzing with us talking about our trip . It was truly a young person dream blast trip of a lifetime. We did loss a couple of classmates for a moment. We left the park later than plan. Some parents where waiting at the school’s parking lot. My other classmate just walked home.

I hope you like my story if nothing else the video will paint the picture how much fun it really was for me. I remember my childhood so much because I had a keen sense of observation.


About the author

Mariann Carroll

Proactive for positive change.Born in the City of Chicago ,Illinois.

Multi race .Studied in a foreign country .Fluent in several languages .

fascinated by diversity.A Romantic and a dreamer.Interest in healthy living

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