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Why you should write on Medium

Why Medium is better!

By KomalPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Why you should write on Medium
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A large audience can access the ideas, stories, and expertise of individuals and organisations through the online publishing platform known as Medium. Since its 2012 launch, Medium has developed into a well-liked platform renowned for its intuitive layout and wide variety of content.

Its focus on high-caliber writing is one of Medium's distinguishing qualities. The platform supports writers and readers that value in-depth and interesting information by focusing on producing well-written and insightful pieces. Due of this, a large number of established authors, journalists, and subject matter experts have decided to publish their work on Medium.

The sleek, minimalist style of Medium highlights the textual material. Readers may easily navigate and study various themes because articles are presented in an attractive way. In order to provide a customised reading experience, Medium also uses a recommendation algorithm that makes personalised article suggestions based on a user's interests and reading history.

The social aspects of Medium are another noteworthy feature. Highlighting, commenting, and sharing articles among readers encourages community participation and conversation. Additionally, Medium has a "clap" tool that allows readers to express their gratitude for an article by clicking a button. This feature helps to highlight how popular and influential a piece is.

In terms of revenue generation, Medium uses a subscription-based business model. A small number of free books are available to readers.

It has been almost one week since I started writing on Medium and decided to become a consistent, goal-oriented writer here. I wrote about cats, my experiences which might help others, businesses, and satire.

What I noticed the most, there are some writers who keep complaining about Medium. Well! I understand some of the writers do this for views and to create an engaging response box, this made me think, “Medium is still better than other platforms”.

Here are the reasons for this:

· Monetization

Other platforms where you can earn by content creation through AdSense or paid partnership programs, for instance, YouTube, take longer to monetize. You must have one thousand subscribers and 4000 watch hours to be completed then only you can apply for monetization. Meanwhile, Medium expects you to achieve 100 followers to monetize your writing. I know that it is a video-making platform, and this creates another reason:

· Afraid of camera

People who are afraid of being on camera or they do not like fame to being known by their real identity or have social anxiety can easily share their insights and connect with the world through Medium. They can make new friends and the best part is to earn for writing and support by reading. I believe there is always a tiny writer in everyone, it just needs a little push to wake up. Medium has to be your first choice.

· Audience

I love the fact, Medium has its own amazing audience. You literally don’t even have to look into other platforms and search for an audience. You can use other platforms to increase your audience but even if you don’t, Medium allows you to excel on your own.

· Publications

Even if you are still struggling to build an audience then Medium helps you with that too, “Publications!” There are some very amazing publications, I have been through so far, for instance, “


”. I struggled so much with publications, from being added to the long time they take for editing but Illumination solves all of your problems.

· Recommendations

Unlike other platforms, Medium recommends your taste in specific categories. On other platforms there are likely two pages, “For You” and “Following”. But Medium gives you a lot of pages according to your need and recommends according to your taste. They keep track of your previous readings to recommend you accordingly.

In a nutshell, I love Medium. And I think you should too. Read and write and become a better version of yourself along with a decent income.

Let me know in the response box, what my readers think about this.

Thank you!


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