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Why do many people still don't believe in the internet?

It's possible to make real money over the internet but a lot of people don't want to accept it!

By Dalmy AlvesPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Why do many people still don't believe in the internet?
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I was once talking to a co-worker and I introduced him to Vocal and how it is possible to make money not just writing but on the internet and to my amazement in the 21st century in 2021 the year that became the year of technology and the internet he smiled of disbelief.

Wake up Ivair, you're dreaming a lot!! he said.

I didn't know how to react because I was amazed at the lack of self-education I saw in him, today almost everyone learns more on the internet than at school, high school or university... If I'm wrong please let me know, but where do I live this is a reality!

The conversation unfolded and I asked him why he thinks this is impossible and he replied:

All those who show everything they have and gained thanks to the internet are swindlers, first-class liars, they do this just to sell their courses that won't add anything to people, they sell lies, you have to stop believing that Ivair, be careful! He stated.

I didn't see how to prove it to him other than using my results as an example of this.

But a reflection remained on me... How have we positioned ourselves on the Internet as content creators?

This is worrying!

I must mention that many scam reports are true, some creators just want to give you their affiliate links, but they're selling you a lie, something he doesn't even use, but as he wants his commission he does everything to sell.

How frustrating this is!!!

That's how I understood why a lot of people don't believe in the internet, that's why some parents when their kids start a career creating content on YouTube get mad with rage thinking their kids have gone crazy; and the worst... I realized that many just didn't migrate to the internet for these reasons.

Are content creators liars?

Are writers, copywriters and screenwriters liars?

Is the internet a world of liars and scammers?

This is very serious!

The internet world is beautiful and rich, but it's not all flowers, as they say in my country: Even the most beautiful rose has thorns, so be careful!!! It's true, but you can just have the charm of petals.

The digital market is trustworthy, however, it has nasty people as well as outside of it.

Vocal hasn't saturated, the internet hasn't saturated, it's still possible to get started and make some money.

Even if we start in the year 2030, it will still be possible to earn income on the internet, there are no rules for restarts.

Look for the right people, they will be your guides to be successful on the internet, even here on Vocal look for the ones who are truly successful, they will be your guides.

Unlike people who sell fake images, as difficult as it is to identify fake ones because they have learned to sell the fake, there are always signs that what the person is showing isn't their reality.

This text was another outburst!

Because I could not go without saying this, nor believe anyone who tells you that it is not possible to live off the internet, it's possible and it is a reality, or rather, it is the reality of many people.

So learn with these people, answer the texts, show doubts, engage with them and they will help you, I found help when I look for it.

Vocal is trustworthy, the internet is trustworthy, YouTube is trustworthy, liars are the ones who use them to commit evil.

I hope I have helped you with this article!


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I'm a young dreamer who seeks to make many dreams come true, one of them is to make a living from writing, I love to write about everything, including the things I love the most, so stay here, maybe you'll identify with me.

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