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Three of my Pipedreams Came True. This is Why You Should Be Careful With What You Wish For

Was it my destiny anyway?

By Gladys Carmina Published 2 years ago 4 min read
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Be careful what you wish for.

This is the title of a book I read in junior high, which title became my mantra after learning lessons from being careful with what I wish to.

Later in my life, in high school, I knew about the Law of Attraction; also known as The Secret

The Law of Attraction is a pseudoscience based on the belief thoughts bring experiences into a person's life. Although there is not enough evidence that supports this theory. 

I will not twill try to convince you to believe or not in the power of your thoughts.

To me, it just seems so weird, fantastic, a big coincidence, you name it, how my mind was so powerful to actually materialize my pipedreams.

No, I didn't work for it. It just happened.

I wished I live in Canada, and have a Canadian boyfriend. 

Now I have a Mexican Canadian boyfriend and I am currently located in British Columbia, Canada. - Was it my destiny anyway?

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Eleven years ago in 2010, the final of the Football World Cup was playing in South Africa. Spain was about to win the World Cup, Shakira and Piqué were mean to be together, and I landed in Canada for the first time. 

I came to Canada to take a Summer English Program. I rather make this trip and take this course instead of having a quinceañera party.

One day I noticed one house in SALE near my homestay. When I saw the sign, my first thought was:

I wish I live in Canada.

A bomb of questions and concerns came to my mind:

How about your family? You will have to leave them and live far from them. How about your friends and your life in Mexico?

I was getting anxious about a situation that wasn't happening. Not even clues to happen anytime soon. So I tried to fade out those thoughts with another situation.

But, how about if I have a Canadian boyfriend? 

I wish I have a Canadian boyfriend so I have an 'excuse' to come a visit him from time to time. - I thought

Then I slap myself and thought:

Hey, you are putting your fate on a man? 'Come on, work for it, and earn it!

Again a bomb of thoughts came to my mind:

Well, if I want to have a Canadian boyfriend, how am I going to work this long-distance relationship?

I had this dialogue with myself in less than two minutes while walking to the bus stop to get to the University of Calgary.

Dices were thrown.

I forgot my desire, continued with my life and didn't think of it anymore.

A year and a half later I feel in love with a guy who resulted to be as Mexican as Canadian.

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Six months later from our first encounter we became friends. Two weeks after being friends we were a couple. We thought we would only make it a month by far.

After eight years together we have been through a lot. For example: succeeding three years of an intermittent long-distance relationship.

Which lead me to the next wish I made.

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As a teenage drama queen, I wished I had a long-distance relationship. 

I just forget to specify for how long. Silly me.

We were in an intermittent long relationship for three years. He moved to Canada when I went to study in France. That's when our routine moved to a six months pace in the same country. 

Movies like Dear John and One Day made me think that time was meaningless when love is in between. It seemed very romantic in the movies.

Surely I didn't know what I was wishing for.

Not that I regret what we lived but I wouldn't mind skipping this chapter of our story.

Anyways. I feel happy to say we made it! We overcame a big challenge and our show goes on.

The next time my mind was soooo powerful is when I was pissed off from school.

I wished I didn't go to school anymore and school was over.

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Probably that was my 18th birthday wish.

Two days after blowing up the candles, and six weeks before summer break, I broke a little tiny bone in my right foot.

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Yup, the school was over for me six weeks in advance. Although I also missed my summer plans.

Countless times I told my mom: -" I am desperate, I don't want to go to school anymore." Can't believe how powerful my thoughts were to actually make it happen.

From this day on I am very careful about my thoughts and desires. 

I try to be as specific as possible, just in case I am being a prophet of my own destiny. Once again.

Please learn from me.

Be conscious of what you are wishing for because it may come true. 

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