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Letters to the Universe

By Jessica jonesPublished 2 years ago 12 min read

Inscribed to the members of the Badette family:

"The words written here are as specific to our lineage as the blood that courses through your veins. Regard it as such, cherish it and let the roots of our family tree deepen and strengthen with each generation."

"White rose, one bud and one in full bloom, two peppermint leaves and a bottle of Florida water." The woman behind the counter was magnificent. She stepped slightly then took long strides as though gliding. She read aloud from what looked to be a very old ledger or journal. " You have to make true your intention in order for it to manifest." Staring at her with no attempt to look away, I took in the forcefulness yet delicacy of her appearance. Her hair grew towards the earth the way vines grew over enchanted castles: meant to keep people OUT. She had full pink lips like flower petals offering nectar to the honey bee. Hips wide... the elders would say childbearing. Jewelry adorned her ankles, neck, waist and wrists. Not metals but crystals and stones. The dress that she was draped in looked like cheese cloth and I could see from where I stood there was no other fabrics between it and her skin. Walking magic is what you'd call it, so her ability to teach me how to protect myself from ruin was easy to believe. Shit, i'm not sure there was anything id attempt to question at this point. There was too much certainty in her movements, clarity in her words, sternness in her directions. "Make sure your body and your space is clean and clear of all negative energies." I had come to Zoe to remove the "negative energy" how am I suppose to remove it first? She looked over as if she were reading my mind. "White willow sage wrapped in rose petals burned in the corners of each room in your house." "that outta do it"

The warmth radiated from our skin. It got hotter and the air got thick with the smell of us. We moved across each other hungrily, unwilling to wait any longer for the next touch. The next kiss, the next chance to experience each other in our entirety. His mouth was warm and wet and eager. My body trembled underneath him.

I sat up in my bed, it felt as though I had pulled myself from the sea. The sweat had collected in various pockets on me. Remembering id adorned my womb with an obsidian yoni stone before going to bed last night... the dream suddenly began to make sense. Zoe had warned obsidian is meant to root up and bring to the surface traumas and their likes. His hands on me had felt so real and I can recall still their heat. But that image needed to be gone from me. Whatever he had done to bind himself to my blood seemed permanent and immovable. But THIS!, woman knows those far greater than he and will not be bound to a lack luster type of love. Or any kind of possessive lust for that matter. Scooting myself to the edge of the bed the amount of wetness took me aback. Standing I began to pull the sheets and comforter from the bed for the wash... My thoughts whispered to me that the traces of that dream was in my sheets and needed to be cleansed. Stacking everything in the middle of the floor including the night shirt and underwear id slept in, I grabbed my glass bottle of peppermint infused water and sprayed the linen and then myself. The next step was to draw a bath. A bath with plenty of Epsom salt.

I was moving on auto-pilot. It had only been two nights since I began the rooting up ritual and the dreams were exhausting. I'd made my way to the shop to see Zoe three times in that expanse. "Either his magic was very strong or mine was staggering" I belted, bursting into the shop. Zoe did not take kindly to my insinuation that someone was getting the better of one of her spells. "Mind", "You best mind how strong your will is... or darling you are just going through the motions.", "Do you really want to be free of this man? cause you have to close the door completely if so." For a second my thoughts slipped. Heat began to rise up from between my legs. My breast ached and my nipples were erect. "My body betryas me, acts as though on fire every night. With every flashing thought i'm pitted, i hunger as though i'm starving." I NEED HELP! There was concern in her eyes. She walked around the counter and grabbed her leather bound black book. The outside was completely blank save for the piece of string that wrapped around it. The pages looked very frail and stained with age. I don't recall her ever being without it actually. But no matter... "The task at hand requires old magic.", "We need candles."...

It was around 3:33pm when Madame Zoe began to carve his name into a red candle and mine into another. Braiding the wicks together she instructed me to set my intention. Almost chanting I repeated, "Universe bind him, remove my memory of him, of his touch, his impression. Remove him from my womb, my thoughts, remove him entirely... bind him." I asked this of the universe in Ernest. I lit the wicks and as they burned I repeated to the East, West, North and South. Calling on the Elements and my ancestors to strengthen this magic. I put a single white feather on a black plate and set the candle atop it. These candles would burn until the names were no longer visible and even still not snuffed by my breath or fingertips. The fire was to be smothered... or the wind directed to cut it down. The rules about requesting from the universe is the knowing that it comes at a price and that we should be karmically ready for the kick back. I forbore casting for this reason... but in this instance I don't believe the price to be greater than the request or even that i could do without requesting it.

( With tears rolling from my eyes as my body shook from release. "I know this isn't real, no matter how badly my body yearns for you or my soul calls out for you, your love just isn't real." Tilting my head back I accept this truth as he welcomes himself steadily into my being.)

Madame Zoe stood over me, "child you picked a demon up with this one. What manner of man is this that can will you out of YOUR will girl? To cast aside a discerning intuition?" I think back, "he has no power but that, that I've given him and it was the giving of myself that gave him that!" pulling myself to my feet, "The beast I fight is one i created, its seems." A smile spread across Madame Zoe's face, "So to is his power over you steaming from you." I look at the candles that once stood erect. They were almost entirely burned away. The link had been broken. Now it was a question of clearing away the debris left in its wake.

Me and Zoe went about clearing the back room when I felt an overbearing pressure on my chest. I staggered trying to regain my footing from a force that nearly pushed me to the ground. Zoe looked up, sort of squatting she whispered, "someone dark is coming..."

As though the words themselves beckoned him, a dark figure stood at the threshold of the shop. Madame Zoe crossed from the back room to the shop floor. I managed somehow to stay on my feet but it felt like someone sucked all the air out of me. I tried as best I could to get to the entry way. I saw the figure in the doorway. Madame Zoe took a combative stance. Whoever this was, was not likely a friend.

Chapter 2

"Hey, I'm Augustin but My friends call me Auggie!" Auggie stood about 6'4" with broad shoulders and a tapered waist. He had the kind of legs football and baseball players have... sturdy. "I'm Angelique..., I prefer Angelique." he smirked, "a purist I suppose?", "I was given a name in its complete form, the least you can do is use it." I said. I was a bit snarky but I was also steadfast in that my point was valid. Auggie looked me over and said, "I like that, a bit of spunk to beat out the normality..., but you didnt actually give me your complete name did you? only your first name." its been my experience that the things men say they "like" are often the reasons they leave. Although to your credit, you are right. I did not give you my complete name." I started to walk away... "Madame Angelique, that statement was very telling (shaking his finger). not about me as it were but of you and your human experience. ", "Well I happen to be human, what other type of experience would I have?" I responded. Augustine tilted his head and squinted his eyes as though he were trying to spot something way off in the distance. "You know..., I think there may be a bit more to you than you let on. Perhaps one day you'll share it with me." before I could respond a woman walked up to him looping her arm into his, "lets go Auggie, we have a movie to catch." the woman or girl it seems had long golden locks. Her frame was small and her skirt even smaller. From the looks of it she was maybe 22-25 years old but her demeanor was that of a high-schooler. Its possible that, that's when her personality type flourished, thus keeping her stuck there mentally. (Angelique stop type casting people. you don't even know the girl) I didnt want to know the girl though. I have seen her personality on many a face throughout my years and my years have been long.

"Tuesday!.." Opening my eyes fully. I had long since learned to love Tuesdays as they are the best day to call on the Loa of health and wellness. If ever there were a day that was best to feel sick on... Tuesday was it. My heart was still a bit heavy my body seemed to have been carrying the phantom weight my heart produced and I physically felt the wear and tear. Around 3am I decided to speak with Oshun or PaPa Dumbala and I made sure I had an egg. A spiritual cleanse was in order and once pin pointed somethings would surely need detoxing.

It was time to rise now. "Grand Rising" I called out to the universe. "I am grateful once again to rise and walk the earth. I'm grateful for sight and forethought. I am grateful for keenness and health. I am grateful!" Glancing at my side chair I took in the dress I'd laid out earlier this morning. After my bath it struck me, I should dress to encourage my mood so I laid out my favorite dress. It had layers of deep greens and golden trims. An earthy vibe that made me feel present in my being. Earth tones always did that for me, they were grounding. In my bed I turned to the head board and reached over to grab the blinds cord. The sun poured in as I lifted them. The reds and yellows and oranges casted all over the room. The atmosphere was warm and thick with color. I felt so full with life that I leapt from the bed and grabbed my sun oil to apply to my skin. Sun oils properties were that of confidence, prowless, allure, and an uncanny ability to entice the senses. Emerald and turqouise waist beads and and anklet to match had me in my vibe. I was one with the beat the world made today. I know if i stayed out of the way ill be walking on clouds all day. Painting my toe nails and finger nails gold ... "Im so into me" laughing as i sung out at the reality of my own love in all its fullness. "Im so into me"...

From the corner of my eye i caught a glimpse of him stealing glances my way as i walked down the street. Walking like i owned the earth i was treading on i reached for my purse to drop my phone in and it slipped to the ground. Another man that had been viewing me dropped to his knees and retrieved my phone before i could blink... looking down at him I managed to say "how sweet" before Auggie appeared at my back asking me was i okay. Startled by his sudden appearance I jumped a little and laughed. "Yes i am okay but maybe you should warn a person before you just materialize" He smirked, "I figured id save you from the wolves although maybe it was your plan to be feasted upon today." Returning my attention to the stranger at my feet and thanking him for his kindness I returned to my strut. Auggie lingered a while before he yelled out "Can I walk with you?" "Walking is free Augustine, It makes no never mind to me... Provided you can keep up that is."

"You are mine forever. No matter what you do, where you go, who you go off with. When i'm ready for you, you'll be mine"

Every spare moment it seemed was filled up by him. Auggie stepped into my world and stretched out. He was all encumbering and i was powerless against it. Daily he drank from my essence, swirling my magic around in his cup... he was drunk on my being and to my surprise he was a heavy drinker. The feeling was so new... i had no idea what was happening.

"My name is Zoe, Madame Zoe. You look positively drained. I got some herbs for you in my shop if you should ever need."

"You ever wrapped your spirit around a tree and let it linger? Tree's gotta be the most loyal things on this planet. More true to life then any human you call living. If you breathe into them they'll breathe into you. Communal, true, lifetimes etched in its rings to let a man cutting at it know how long its been living ... You ever seen anything more beautiful than tree's?"

Madame Zoe looked over at me smiling. "Take my card... we'll talk."


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Jessica jones

writer, performer, poet, spoken word artist, painter, cook... Kinda all around artistic type.

For my entire life all Ive wanted to do is write and now i have a platform where i can indulge. Thanks vocal.

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