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The Ultimate Guide to Action Camera Microphone Attachments: How to Improve Your Audio Quality for Vlogs and Action Videos


By John PetresonPublished 3 months ago 3 min read


Most individuals concentrate on the visuals, such as the angles, lighting, and overall production value, when producing interesting and high-quality action films and vlogs. Yet audio quality is equally, if not more, crucial. Bad audio can be distracting and make it challenging for viewers to follow along with you or become fully engaged in the action. Action camera microphone adapters can help in this situation.

Understanding Action Camera Microphone Attachments

You can record audio in high definition with your action camera by utilising an attachment for the microphone. A microphone attachment can offer greater clarity and detail, especially in loud or windy conditions, in contrast to the built-in microphones on most action cameras, which are frequently constrained in terms of range and sensitivity. You may also record directional audio using microphone adapters, which is useful for vlogs and interviews in particular.

Types of Microphone Attachments for Action Cameras

Action camera microphone attachments come in a variety of forms, each with unique benefits and drawbacks:

External Shotgun Microphone:This kind of microphone is made to record directional audio and mounts to the hot shoe mount on the top of your action camera. In vlogs or interviews, when you want to capture the sound of your voice clearly while reducing background noise, it is especially helpful.

Lavalier Microphone: You fasten a small, clip-on microphone called a lavalier to your clothing. If you want to record crystal-clear audio while freeing up your hands, this is an excellent choice. It can pick up unwanted sounds, therefore windy situations are not recommended.

Wireless Microphone:A wireless microphone system comprises of an action camera-compatible receiver, a microphone, and a transmitter that you may attach to your clothing. If you need to walk around while recording or if you wish to record sounds from a distance, this kind of microphone may be helpful.

How to Choose the Right Microphone Attachment for Your Action Camera

There are a number of things to take into account when selecting a microphone adapter for your action camera:

Compatibility:Make sure your action camera model is compatible with the microphone attachment.

Audio Quality: Seek for a action camera microphone attachment that can record audio in excellent quality with less ambiance.

Directionality: Think about the kind of audio you want to record. It is crucial to consider the directionality of the microphone when deciding what kind of audio you wish to record. The way the microphone picks up sound from various directions is referred to as directionality.

There are several types of directionality, including:

Omnidirectional:An omnidirectional microphone captures sound equally from all angles. If you want to record background noise or a group of people conversing in a room, this is helpful.

Cardioid:A cardioid microphone is more directional, rejecting sound from the sides and back of the microphone while picking up sound largely from the front. This is helpful if you want to record only one person speaking or the sound of a particular instrument in a noisy setting.

Super-cardioid/hyper-cardioid:These microphones feature a smaller pickup pattern and are even more directed than cardioid microphones. They are perfect for catching sounds coming from one direction and rejecting noises coming from another.

Bi-directional:A bi-directional microphone rejects sound from the sides while picking up sound from two opposing directions. If you wish to record sound from two persons speaking directly to each other, as during an interview, this is helpful.


The audio quality of your videos can be significantly enhanced by adding a microphone to your action camera. Action cameras are made to record high-quality video in difficult conditions, but because of wind, water, and other environmental elements, their built-in microphones frequently have trouble recording crystal-clear audio. You can record crystal-clear, high-quality audio that is devoid of distortion and background noise by using an external microphone attachment. To make sure the microphone is appropriate for the particular recording situation, it's crucial to take into account the type of microphone and its directionality when selecting a microphone attachment. You may enhance your action camera recordings and produce amazing videos with crystal-clear audio by using the appropriate microphone attachment.


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