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The romantic Tanabata festival

A person's Chinese Valentine's Day

By gongkai2Published about a year ago 5 min read

It is the most romantic day of the year - Qixi Festival. The streets were full of couples, and the atmosphere was eerily ambiguous. An old single man walking on the road, his heart is extremely heavy, this is he did not know how many single Tanabata Festival. He took the mobile phone will open the address book again and again, want to find a girl together Tanabata. He also knows in his heart, he is so poor, and not good, now girls not only reality also Yan control, and who would like to accompany their Tanabata? But he plucked up the courage to brazen his skin and asked the woman he thought might be there. "Hi, today Tanabata, can I ask you to eat together?" To increase his chances of success, he sent invitations to a total of seven girls. After sending, he received a reply, which he never expected. He held his breath, hoping for a positive response. But carefully unlock the screen, the eye is: the other side has opened the friend verification, you are not her friend. His eyes dimmed, but only for a moment, and he was hopeful again: there were six more girls. As he anxiously waited, he calculated to himself: If two women said yes, how should I say no to one? When we go to dinner, is it more appealing to eat Western food or to eat hot pot? The wait was long, and near noon he received another reply: "I have a boyfriend." He wanted to reply a word of blessing, but typed well, thought of once and her ambiguous, suddenly do not want to bless. He deleted the blessing words, want to scold her a few words, and feel boring, finally simply deleted the contact. By the afternoon, he had received three more replies. One said: I'm sorry I have a date. One said: Too tired to go out. One said: I'm not hungry. And I haven't heard back from two. Single man stared at the phone for a long time to stay, he does not want to be a person over the Tanabata festival. There seemed to be more and more couples in the street. They held hands with each other intimately, smiling on their faces. The happiness reminded him of his ex-girlfriend and the blind date that failed. When he woke up from his trance, he suddenly thought that there was no girl on the Qixi Festival, so it would be good to call his brothers to drink together. He immediately made a phone call, the expression on his face, but from the first excited, slowly became stiff, and finally even some lonely. He had no idea that his brother, who had been single for many years, had found a boyfriend, and that boyfriend was not even him. He was reluctant, but he could only hang up the phone. A person can also have a good Tanabata bar! He wants to. He went to the Internet cafe, opened a machine, smoke, and skilled point open a game. Since we can't find someone to share Tanabata, we'll fight in the summoner Canyon. Full of heroic spirit, what kind of sentimental. But after two strokes, he still cried. He looked up at the Internet cafe, immediately understand: adults have been to the Tanabata, now play games are primary school students, how can he play too. When I came out of the Internet cafe, night had fallen. The streets were crowded with people, mostly couples, hugging each other as if they were trying to beat single dogs like him to death. He walks aimlessly down the street, peeping at other people's good-looking girlfriends; When he passed a hotel, the lobby was full of couples lining up to check in, he looked jealous. A little girl selling roses in a basket glanced at him as she passed by, then ran off in search of other customers. After smoking a pack of cigarettes on the side of the road, he thought he should go and do something. But what else could he do? Drinking no one, playing games are pits, the streets are full of dog abuse. Silently, he took out his phone. No one sent him a wechat message, usually busy several groups in today also became unusually quiet. When you scroll through moments, your screen is filled with screenshots of gifts and red envelopes, as well as promises that will last forever. The whole thing smells like love. Even the concern of several public numbers, today are also doing Tanabata promotional activities, completely did not consider his single dog's feelings. He felt desperate. Just when he decided to go to a nearby club to indulge, he saw a public account called "A poor C", pushed a "single dog Qixi" article. He tentatively opened the article, but was immediately attracted by its contents. The protagonist's experience and he is how like ah, the so-called loneliness, but nowhere to vent hormones. He knew, single dog Tanabata, should not only lust, should also have a soul. He clicked on the history of "A Poor C," and there were jokes and attitudes and routines, every one of them fascinating. He sat on the roadside looking at the public number, until the time after 12 o 'clock, until he had finished a person's Tanabata alone. He stood up and patted the ashes on his pants. He thought: This is really a meaningful Tanabata.


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